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Best dancers technically

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vissi d'arte

Hi I'm new here!! :wub:


The best dancers technically I think is:..


Carlos Acosta

Manuel Legris (absolutely)

Jurgita Dronina (Swedish Royal Ballet)

Aurelie Dupont

Alina Cojocaru

Agnes Letestú

Svetlana Zakharova (but I don't like her arms :dry: )

Zenaida Yanowsky (love her)


...and of course Sylvie Guillem!!!

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ooo wow um in my opinion probably :


Angel Corella (like duh ! :D )

Irina Dvorovenko

Alina Cojocaru (her rose adagio is TO DIE FOR ! ]

Paloma Herrera (come on those arches bravo PALOMA! :blushing: )

Johan Kobborg (i managed to see him in the lesson which he had total like technical control )

Gillian Murphy

Darcey Bussell(even though she retired :( ]

Stella Abrera(just recently saw her debut in the role of Cinderella Kudelka's Cinderella here in NYC and she was SOOOOo amazing ]

Guillaume Cote (what a divine dancer technically and not to mention he's got the looks :offtopic::jump: }


and the list goes on FOREVER but these i think are the best

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Gillian Murphy, Polina Seminova, Paloma Herrera, and Angel Corella. :sweating: Oh! I like Carrie West from Ballet Met, also. :blushing:






( Go to youtube and type in ballet videos and watch the first one on the list. Truly amazing. :angry: )

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Bluebird...just a side note,


My DD was able to meet Guillaume Cote & Stella Abrera after the show in NY.

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I like Galina Mezentseva and Sylvie Guillem.

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Arizona Native

Paula Hartley of Ballet Arizona. Completely different types, from her and also from one another, but also impeccable, are Kanoko Inayoshi (also of AZ Ballet) and Natalia Magnicaballi (of Ballet Arizona and Suzanne Farrell). I'd have to agree with a previous poster, that the techncal barre for significant companies is so high, that many of the dancers have amazing technique ... what starts to separate them out are artistry, school of technique, and that je nais se quois.

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Julie Kent!!!!! lol I love her! She definitely is my role model.

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I think Alina and Lauren Cuthbertson, and Carlos Acosta :)

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In love with ballet
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Natalia Osipova yet...

Truly lovely.


i have recently dicovered videos of her. i think she is absolutely incredible, and her musicality is amazing. i would love to see her dance live.

as for dancers i have seen in a live performance; paloma herrera, herman cornejo, damian woetzel, ashley bouder, and murial maffre. and of course brishnikov, even though i've never seen him on stage.

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Clara 76

Mikhail Nikolaevitch Baryshnikov

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Louise Nadeau because she went to my ballet school but Polina Semionova and Natalia Osipova. :wub: are both amazing dancers :D

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Alla Sizova, hands down.


For the men, IMO, it is a tie between Herman Cornejo and Yuri Soloviev.

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lil' prima

It's a tough decision but, I really love Alina Cojucaro, Sylvie Guillem, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. :blink: Their technique is exquisite!

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