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Guest jdavidb

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Guest jdavidb

It would be a big help if you could tell me the most modest/concealing dance belt brand and number available. That's all I want to know... the brand name and which product #


I was also thinking about getting a men's leo so there would be two layers, but that's three layers all total once the legwear is on too. Due to that three layers, I don't think I want to spend any money just to test out the leo idea. I don't really want a leo, but if you guys think that's the most modest way to be, I will try one out.

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I'm not a fan of the leotard look. I've had to wear one before and hated it. I also don't think they do much in terms of concealing anything; a dancebelt and tights should be all you need.

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I saw the dancebelt suggested by Mr. Johnson. What is the difference between that one and the other one that is also on that site. Is it a fit thing?

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The other has a different waistband and is quilted. It's probably best to try the one he recommended first, as it is pretty much the "standard issue" dancebelt.

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Do they each serve different functions? I've read about other posters metnioning qilted belts. I didn't know there were so many different types and styles.

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Guest jdavidb

jsan379 got here before me & asked good questions I would have been wondering too.


Thanks for the info. The Capezio 26 is actually the one I've been using since 1996. It does do fine for hiding everything under black Mirella m607's or M Stevens cotton or milliskin (in black), but once I saw it with white Capezio 3530's, I thought I better find something not so detailed. They are the very good new style Capezios not those old 10's that everybody rightfully does not like.


The color of the one I am using is a black one I bleached out until it turned light brown. I bleached it out long ago, and it has been completely invisible since then as far as actually seeing it goes. It's the defined detail that's showing too much in the white 3530's.


The class that starts August 8 has black walls, but I will probably wear black anyway.

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Sorry jdavidb. Didn't mean to jump in on your conversation. But I finally have the answers I needed as well. I wouldn't have known the differences between them other than what they look like in the photos.


Message boards are great!


Thanks for clearing it up for this beginner

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