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This year is my senior year and after doing a couple of college tours in the spring of junior year, my first choice is Goucher. I loved everything about it, but I'm not sure how "good" the dance program is. I read one thread that had USF and Goucher in the title, but nothing about Goucher in the responses. Any thoughts? Thanks!!

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I attended Goucher for a year and took ballet and modern classes my first semester. If you want to become a professional ballet dancer, go somewhere else. However, if you want to major in something else and just take dance classes on the side, it might be a good fit. Feel free to PM me if you'd like details. Overall, I loved the school.

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We have a friend who attended and graduated from Goucher in the last couple of years. She spent the first two years as a double major (ballet and political science), but eventually dropped the ballet and focused on just one major. She continued to take ballet classes and enjoyed them.


But, like Hans intimated, this is not a school that is well suited to those looking for a pro ballet career. This particular gal liked it, as she went to college undecided about whether she really wanted to pursue dance and this allowed her the freedom to do both for a time while she decided. :)

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a girl i know just graduated and is now a member of ballet austin, i also know that abt faculty teach there such as gage bush england who is the ballet mistress for the studio company

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Very interesting - thanks for sharing, xlilnysweetix. :D


If I were looking into this college - or any other - I'd call the department and ask them for a listing of their recent graduates and where they were dancing - say maybe the last couple of years... Or if I knew the faculty had remained constant and the department chairperson or Dean hadn't changed lately then maybe just the last two years... It's always good to go directly to the source.

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College dance departments are usually very happy to provide you with lists of their guest teachers/artists.


Off topic, but Gage Bush England was just honored by the University of Alabama with a dance scholarship in her name.

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i went to abt alabama this year and she was telling us about how she taught at goucher and she knew my friend , so maybe she is just a guest teacher there

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Update on Goucher! DD and I attended a college fair recently and one of their admission reps was there. I flat out asked her about whether or not Goucher was pre-pro. She said the ballet program was set up like a conservatory in that ballet was offered on all levels, beginners to advanced. No audition required to be a ballet major, just placement class, but audition required for dance scholarships. According to the rep, some grads have danced professionally, but the program is really more for those who wish to continue on in ballet for the love of it, usually double-majoring in another discipline.


Hope this helps!

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To add to Taradriver's update, the folks at Goucher also told us that although no audition is required to be a ballet major a student must make sufficient progress from whatever level they start out in to remain in the program. Most of the students we talked to there were not dance majors, just dancing because they loved it. Lots of science double majors. We observed many very talented kids in class there!

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I just returned from Goucher's visiting day. Beautiful campus and DD was impressed with the history dept. They've instituted a new requirment for studnet entering next fall and going foward. All students must study aboard, either in one of Gouchers programs (3 week, a semster or a year) or in some other acceptable program.


But, in looking at the ballet students attending the orientation (parents could not watch class) I did NOT see many who looked as thought they could have a professional ballet career.


My DD would only attend if she decided not to pursue a professional career.

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I'm a senior in highschool (counting down the seconds until graduation) and will be attending Goucher in the fall. I recently visited the campus and was very impressed with the dance classes and rehearsals that I was able to observe- I saw an advanced ballet technique class, an advanced modern technique class, and a tech rehearsal for an upcoming performance by their historical dance group (unfortunatly their big spring show is in a few weeks so I was unable to see anything pertaining to that). I was very impressed with the level of dancers in the classes and the teachers seemed to be very good and gave lots of individual corrections to each dancer. Another plus was that the class sizes were small (and the studios were gorgeous!)- there were 10 in ballet and 15ish in modern so there could be lots of attention paid to each individual. The advanced level classes met four times per week with the option to audit additional classes for more study. They also bring in many guest faculty and choreographers- in both ballet and modern- to work with and set pieces on the dancers. The program seemed to be very well organised and run. I can definitely see myself growing as a dancer there. I'm still on the fence as to my future with dance- I'd love to be involved with it for as long as possible but due to a chronic injury a professional career may be out of the question. The program at Goucher seems to be good enough to take me to a level to potentially transfer into a big name program if I decide I'd like to go that route or into a smaller company. They also have alot of resources available to their dancers that I did not see at other liberal arts programs including a dance PT and private pilates reformer sessions. Going to Goucher means that I'll also be able to persue a double major in biology (in which they also have a really neat dance science concentration).

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Thank you so much for your previous response. I auditioned for the Butler Ballet Program, loved it, but sadly wasn't accepted. Goucher was my backup plan, and I was scared that they didn't really train their dancers, but after your last comment I realize I have the potential to get into a ballet company even if I go to Goucher. I also want to double major in their Dance program and Biology. So it's a small world!!!


Thanks. You have really eased my mind!!!



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