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Hello there!


I've had some really nice dance teachers over the years. But I have some teachers who asked me, "how old are you?" I feel pretty embarrassed if teachers asked that. Do you think they're being realistic or nasty?

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Well, I think it depends upon the context in which they're asking.


I was raised to believe that it's not a polite question to ask an adult. I got asked that once on a first date, and I found it very off-putting. We were obviously in the same RANGE of age.

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They might be asking you to gauge how you are progressing.

I look very young and some teachers might thing I am extremely slow to develop muscle memory, until they find out I am not a young teen.


I usually take my jewerly off before class, and one of my teachers didn't realize I was an adult student until I accidentally wore my wedding band!


I think it would depend on the context of the question before I decided if it was rude or not. But if it made you feel uncomfortable, I would say it is unnecessary. Tell them you are an adult and that your actual age is not an issue.

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Have you been taking class there awhile? If your friendly with the teacher and other students it may just be meant as a friendly "I'd like to know more about you" type of thing. But if it was the first day of class and you are obviously not a teenager then I can see why you are uncomfortable. But if your asking if "age" is something your teacher should know about the answer is no... unless of course you volunteer that information to get out of grande plies. :D

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I had a teacher once who (jokingly) announced in our adult class that the eldest and the fattest should dance in the front row! :D By which she meant that age and body shape mattered not a jot and we should celebrate the fact we could dance at all!!

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Was that in the UK? :D

Nope - Sydney. An Australian sense of humour - my teacher's point was that we all had working arms and legs and brains and health. She'd recovered from a life-threatening cancer a couple of years before, so I quite see her point! This was not bullying behaviour at all - rather the reverse B) .

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:P Hehehe, I just wondered what would happen if you would have such an announcement in a studion in London :DB)


I have been asked about my age too, but that was mainly in the RAD classes. At least, age can be a good excuse not being able to do certain things :P

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This isn't ballet related but I once had a math prof tell the class that everyone younger than him was required to take the final (which was scheduled at 7:00 am) and to stop asking to reschedule. One woman stood up, called him on his age. He was 67, she was 68. She took the final at 10:00.

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Hee hee, kids are always confused about my age- when I started at my current studio, one of the girls very politely asked me what year I was in at high school! I was 32 at the time!


On the other hand, I usually tell my ballet teachers how old I am at my first lesson with them- I explain what my previous training was and my age at starting ballet, because that way they know what my background is.

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Don't feel bad; the AD of my studio called me a "little girl" today. :blink: As someone who gets offered kids menus at restaurants, I've long learned to tune out comments about my age.

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My teacher will be 79 next week. I have the "problem" wherein I will say "I'm too old to be doing that!" and I usually just get a look or a comment such as "you're not old!" (I'm 50) - age seems to be a matter of relativity!

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