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Magazines: ABT studio Co. in Vogue

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Just thought you might be interested in this..... In the upcoming September Issue of VOGUE and W magazines on newstands on August 15, some ABT Studio Co. members will be featured in a Saks Fifth Ave spread! :shrug: (It will be a ballet theme.) Cant wait to see it! :blink:

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Four girls from the JKO school are going to be in Septembers Spanish vogue: Alexandra Basmagy, Devon Teuscher, Sarah Hay and Lara Clemens

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Oooh, I'd love to see it. Do you know where its possible to buy the Spanish Vogue?


I'm trying to find out. I know that Borders books carries some Vogue's from other countries, but don't know yet if Vogue Espana is one they have. However, if you are in NYC, you will probably find it in one of the many newspaper/ magazine stores in the city. I have a Mexican friend who said she will look in a Mexican store she frequents - she thinks they may carry it there.

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Has anyone been able to locate the Spanish Vogue magazine for September? We have not been able to find it (not Latin America, but Spain) -we were anzious to see the photo spread involving the four students from JKO School at ABT

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Guest Kitri25

I flipped through the entire September Vogue (Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover, really thick), and did not find the Saks spread featuring ABT Studio Company members. Could anyone else?


I also have not been able to find a Spanish Vogue at the various international newsstands in New York. :-(

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I dont know the reason it wasnt in the issue. I know of one person who has a subscription who said there was an insert from SAKS with these pictures in it. Maybe in an upcoming issue? Incidently, if you have the Sept. Vogue magazine there is an ad featuring Gray Davis of ABT Studiio Co. Towards the back in the NY & Company ad. (He is the third sailor on the right.) - also in the current Oprah "O" magazine.(same ad) Hopefully we will all be able to see the SAKS spread featuring the beautiful girls (and guys) of ABT studio Co in an upcoming Vogue issue. I'll let you know if/when I see it! :unsure:

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Nope, it's definitely in my September subscription issue, right after pg. 342 as a thicker-bond, page-unnumbered advertising supplement. And I have to give a boost to Cory Stearns who's visible only on the 19th page of the supplement (his mom teaches with my mom and they're good people). But I can't believe he wasn't featured more in this supplement because, as you'll see from this link to a runway modeling gig he did earlier this year...


Cory Stearns modeling Vuitton


...Cory is not hard on the old peepers. :unsure:

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danseurmor...Great picture of Grey as the third sailor...very very handsome I must say! Wasn't sure that was him at first or even one of the pictures taken of the Studio Co. but now you confirmed it! Also wonderful group picture as well. I recognised everyone you mentioned but a few must be from JKO school who I'm not familiar with.


Chauffeur...Wow that was Cory in that add...looked so different with his blond hair! Don't feel too badly about him not being used enough in the add as my son was the only one that was NOT chosen from the Studio Co. to participate in the shoot. Unfortunate for him but Studio Co. had nothing to do with who they decided to use in the shoot as they did try to get him included in the group.


Still these are great pics and a handsome bunch for sure and I will certainly look for that group picture in Vogue! Danseurmor...Please tell Grey that he looks fabulously handsome!


That does seem to be Eric Tamm, I can tell by his smile :D

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WOWEE I cant believe Cory! I would have never recognized him had you not pointed him out to us! Photo # 21 looks more like the way I rememberd him, but that is not even him that has someone else's name under it! But now that I look at photo#39 ,They have straightend his curls and his hair is blond, wow. He is so handsome!


Tango49- Thanks :D Keep us posted on Joey!!!!!

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Andrew Brader, now an apprentice at Houston Ballet, from JKO is also in that group picture in the top right corner and if you go to NY and CO in the mall, he is on a huge poster. He is squatting down in a blue and white striped sailor shirt with binoculars looking at a female model. :DClick to see the picture.... click for close up sorry they're bad quality. I took them with my phone!

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