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Magazines: ABT studio Co. in Vogue

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Thanks for "seeing" Andrew, liljules. What good eyes you have. I totally missed that one! I will pass it on to the rest at Harid!

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Guest BalletGirl

Oh, just to clear up this up.


this link to a runway modeling gig he did earlier this year...


Cory Stearns modeling Vuitton


WOWEE I cant believe Cory! I would have never recognized him had you not pointed him out to us! Photo # 21 looks more like the way I rememberd him, but that is not even him that has someone else's name under it! But now that I look at photo#39 ,They have straightend his curls and his hair is blond, wow. He is so handsome!



Look No. 21 is the only picture of Cory Stearns, ABT Studio Co. Member

Cory Stearns


Look No. 39 is Ryan Snyder from Major Model Management

Ryan Snyder, Major


So that is why it doesn't look like Cory Stearns...because it isn't. It is really 'big time model' Ryan Snyder!

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I was wondering if anyone was able to procure a copy of Spanish Vogue's September issue - we could not find it, indeed, Barnes & Noble, which normally carries it (in NYC), did not receive the 2 issues they ordinarily get! Very disappointing.

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