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Magazines: Fashion and NYCB

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German Vogue is presenting 7 NYCB dancers presenting fashion outfits in the August issue. The images are b/w and all the (female) dancers are wearing black pointe shoes and are more or less in classical poses, or at least on pointe :cool2: It looks very elegant and glamorous though some outfits are not very flattering for ballerinas :) Enjoy

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Thanks Dance Scholar! Though I don't read Vogue :) , I believe they've been in the American issue sometime fairly recently... I think I read about it on the other Ballet Talk. If you have the copy handy, perhaps you could tell us which dancers they are featuring. :cool2:

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Sure I do :cool2:


- Faye Arthurs

- Kristin Sloan

- Ansel Elgort (Apprentice)

- Tom Gold

- Teresa Reichlen

- Rachel Rutherford

- Janie Taylor

- Maria Kowroski

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Are the pictures online anywhere?


I tried looking on the german vogue website but I think i'm lost.... i don't know german..... :)






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I haven't checked online but any major book store in London should have the magazine in stock (p. 164). I bought it as I can use the images for my lecture series on 'fashion and ballet' :-)

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To US members, my local Barnes & Noble and Borders have a LOT of international versions of American magazines (and international non-American magazines), and maybe your local B&N or Borders might have this issue of the German Vogue. :)

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Yup I can second that Borders is great in London if you are looking for a foreign title magazine, beats W H Smith every time.



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German Vogue is not that unusual, I am sure you will find it equally in London and the US :)

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Yes the pictures are fantastic but shame on the editor, she classifies an arabesque penchee on pointe as a typical Martha Graham position. I believe she was meant to say that the skirt is sort of Graham-ish :unsure:

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I believe something similar is going to be in the US September issue of Vogue but I thought that was with ABT's studio company not the NYCB. So yeah, Vogue is doing another balletic one in the US but not with NYCB. :)

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Any suggestions on how to order the German Vogue? My local Barnes & Noble has just about every Vogue BUT the German one!

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There is www.vogue.de but I am sure it would be easier to go to another B&N

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