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Yes Viktor Etc, will be at the sumemrfield spot. I'm sure if Tina Bohnstadt will be their I only remembered the other two because my mom knew who they were from when I did bellet as a tot, and kept talking about them. The site is closer to my house so I think I'm liking that place better. Maria Vegh is the director of Ballet California at the new site. I remember my mom saying that when I did ballet as a tot, and my older sister did ballet, the director at the time, my mom and my sister didn't like at all, and was raving a lot of Maria, so that could mean I won't like her, but probably doesn't have anything to do with whether or not I'll like her. I think I will go to both open house/ audtion thingys to find out if they will even offer a beg class that I would be able to take (as I'm 14), and then go from their.

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Does anyone have any recent insights on good pre-pro schools in Santa Rosa right now?  The discussion here is from 2005.  Thanks!

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