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I searched if there's been discussion on this book but because I couldn't find any thread I thought I'd open my own.


So, is anyone familiar with this Conditioning for Dance - Training for peak performance in all dance forms?


I bought it for a couple of days ago and have only flipped through it but it seems very interesting! I don't know if I'm eventually too lazy to do those Thera-Band -and other exercises :yes: but I will definitely read this book to get some ideas and help to improve my posture, alignment etc.


Here's what Amazon.com says about this book [not to mention the price - I paid in Finland over 30€ for it; € and $ are about the same at the moment... :grinning: ]


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I'd be interested in hearing more about it too. Does it give specific exercises for specific problems? For example, if a students has poor turnout, does it say which exercises will help with turnout? Etc...

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Guest Embroideredtutus

My DD has borrowed it from the local library, it looks like he knows what he is talking about. Most of the excercises seem to be largely based on mental images etc. so if you have trouble doing that then the book might not be overly useful. That said, there is also quite a number of theraband excercises that he has in there.

Please let us know how you like the exercises.

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I also think it is quite a good book.


Even if one is not used to using mental imaging, it is worth it to learn to do so.

Athletes have been using mental training for many years, and it does help.

This is a good place to start, as far as I can tell.


Yes, there are specific exercises for specific things.



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I purchased this book about a year ago, and think it is EXCELLENT! The imagery ideas are especially useful in relaxing the muscles during certain exercises. I read through this book and highlighted sections I wanted to come back to or found to be useful. I would definitely recommend this book to a mature dancer, 18+, as it may be a bit complicated to a younger girl. If you are looking for more organic movement, this is the book to read!!

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I checked this out from the library, and while some of the imagery was completely useless as far as I'm concerned (isn't some of it always? :thumbsup: ) I found some absolutely wonderful ideas in here, especially relating to releasing tension from the neck and shoulders, and to relating organs in the body to posture.


I've just ordered it from Amazon.com -- I thought it was well worth the price, even with the parts I skimmed through without interest.

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I got it when I got a coupon from Border's (which I get like every other week). It is a great book. A lot of the mental imagry is helpful. It's helped with my pirouettes a lot! A lot of the book revolves around the "if you think you can't do it then you won't be able to" theory. There are many good strengthening and relaxing exercises that are done with therabands and ######. The turnout and feet exercises are really great. I definitely recommend!


Oh yeah and it was quite interesting to learn about how the organs in your body affect different things like arabesques. It has a lot to do with the human body and the way it works in relation to dancing so I do agree it'd be best for older teens since it may be harder for younger teens to understand.

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You can read quite a bit of it right at the Amazon site.

I just read a few pages and it sounds very helpful and spot-on!

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I have it, and I think it's great. The upper body theraband exercises have really helped me. It has some good imagery for common problems, and I respond well to mental images, so I love it.

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I bought this book and I think it's amazing. I instantly released a lot of tension in my hips and my extensions got easier. My teacher even approached me during barre. He noticed the difference in my grands battements!


Visual imagery is mostly useless to me, but there's a lot of really helpful stuff in there about becoming aware of your body and ways of becoming more "present" in your movement.


He cautions against excess stretching as well. This is an idea that my chiropractor has just given me (he's the chiropractor for NYCB---knows his stuff). Now I have two sources which have told me that the only point of stretching is to release the tension from your muscles. You don't need to hold a stretch for very long at all and you don't need to have it hurt or be uncomfortable at all. Just enough to relax the muscle will help flexibility and won't damage the joints, nerves, and blood vessels. Seems to make sense.

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I bought this book and I think it's amazing. I instantly released a lot of tension in my hips and my extensions got easier. My teacher even approached me during barre. He noticed the difference in my grands battements!


Great news! :wacko:

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