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How many classes to start?


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Hello out there! I'm new to the forum. It seems like there's a great range of different experiences so I thought I'd just ask--


I've taken ballet for about a year and a half in college at about 2 classes a week (so I suppose I'm an adult beginner with some experience), and am thinking of getting back into it after a summer of semi- slothfulness. What's a good number of classes per week to start off with? 2? 3? Even 4?


Thanks, everybody! :unsure:

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Hi Polkadot


Welcome to the board :unsure:. I think you will probably get a variety of replies, some suggesting that the more classes you do the better, and others suggesting that you should ease into it.

It completely lies with you and how fit you think you are. Obviously the only way to get ballet fit is do more classes.

If you can do 4 classes a week that is just fantastic. I don't know where in CA you live, but I lived in SF and there was an opportunity to do 4 + classes a week even more than that.

So if you are lucky to have the opportunity to take as many classes as you can and have the time and money, then the more ballet classes the better. But that is my opinion.


Be careful with what levels you take. If you are a beginner I would stick to beginner levels and perhaps just take one class slightly above your level if need be. But for starters the more work you can do on the basics the better your improvement will be.

I would also recommend you try and take a pilates class or core conditioning class if possible.

Just remember to not to overdo it as it is easy to do.

Oh to have the worry about how many classes to take..sigh...I am stuck in the barren wastelands of the balletless North of England. :nopity:



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Thanks, Jeanette!

I live in Southern California; hey, isn't the North of England gorgeous, though? Balletless though it may be?


The studio near me offers about 10 classes a week, so I think I'll try for 4 for a bit, and see if I can't handle that :). When I was taking 2 classes a week, it seemed like it wasn't quite enough, so let's see if this does it.


so excited! :thumbsup:

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