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Guest arabesque07

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Guest arabesque07

Over the summer, I went to a three-week summer intensive. There were two French girls there who had these shoes that made their feet look absolutely amazing. The weren't leather or canvas. The color was, I would call it, flesh-toned. They formed to their feet very well - they were really tight. They said they could only be bought in France, but that you can still order them online. I think they called them technique shoes, but I know that regular ballet shoes are often referred to as technique shoes as well. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you may know what these shoes were and were I may be able to find them. Thanks in advance.

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Just something I'd venture to say, though I don't know your situation... Shoes themselves don't do much to determine whether your feet are beautifully arched/pointed/etc or not. So it could be that the girls just had beautiful feet.

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Without a manufacturer, we're kind of stymied here. I agree with the idea that they may have just had wonderful feet, and that the shoes were perfectly fitted to them.

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Guest dancer522

Could it be these shoes from Degas Dancewear - http://www.degas.fr/francais/voir_prod.asp?num=32


or could it be the shoes from http://www.wearmoi.com (I couldn't link it)


Both say they're canvas, but maybe they're a different weight of canvas? There must be more French dancewear brands, but those are the only two I know of.


[i linked it for you. To make the link you need to have the http:// in there.

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Guest mzprincesspink

one of my friends had a pair of technique shoes that had a leather toe section, and then the rest was this stretchy fabric, but I don't think they were made by a french brand, i think she said Leo's. Does this sound at all like the type of shoe they had, because there may be a french brand that makes something similiar?

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Guest arabesque07

The first few people were right - they did just have beautiful feet, but these shoes really added to them.

I'm going to check the degas site because that sounds like one that they gave us that I forgot. Thanks!!

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is there any way to make the degas site in english instead of french??? :(

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Could they have been Angelo Luzio's Lycra Ballet shoes? They are like canvas but actually a lycra shoe like wearing a leotard on your foot.



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knock knock


The Angelo Luzio shoes are pretty stretchy but most definitely pink.



Leo's makes the shoes that are leather in front, stretch fabric in back, and they are more of a beige/taupe color. Leo's also used to make canvas slippers with a bit of stretch (L055),but those were definitely pink too.

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