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Dress code of dif. leotard colors per levels


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DD's studio also has different colors indicating your level until you get to the pre-pro classes which require black only. There are some guest teacher and workshop classes where you are allowed to wear your choice of leotard color.


The studio has a closet dedicated to "Twice but Nice".. You put items you wish to sell on a hanger or a bag with an envelope attached stating the size and price along with the seller's. Someone who wishes to buy the items brings them to the front desk with the money (cash only) and studio posts a list of who has envelopes waiting in the office. This has worked really well as we follow RAD syllabus and with character shoes and skirts costing a pretty penny, those of us who sell our itmes can use a little refund.


One note - the studio assumes no responsiblity for the items - it all works on the honor sytem, but to my knowledge, there have been no problems.

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dd's studio changes colors every year for the upper level students. Usually a specific brand (i.e. mirella, etc) and specific color must be purchased. Since everyone is changing colors every year, there is very little chance of selling leotards to a lower level student. Occasionally a color will recycle, but that usually takes a few years. It is sort of a pain to buy new leos every year, especially when the old ones still fit. However, if you don't like your color you know you won't be stuck with it forever. All the girls look forward to the day they get "a color" and every year it's a surpise to see what they'll be wearing for the next year.

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Our school is black leo & pink tights all the way through, but the highest level (7) can wear any color to Saturday class. I sort of wish the school HAD different colors for each level, because dd has been in the same size for the past 4 years (yes, despite growing 7 inches!) and some of her leos are well, yucky. I suppose I could ease those leos out the door, but I don't want to deal with the repercussions.

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Tara: My ex studio used to have a similar dress code- pre ballet in light blue leos, first level ballet up to the more advanced students a black cotton long sleeve leo for the winter classes and a navy tank leo for the summer term, the most advanced students and the adult students were allowed to wear anything as long as the color is not too "unballetish". (no screaming red or yellow, no baby pink etc)

White tights (for pre ballet white socks were allowed in summer), slippers and from the medium levels up pointe shoes for girls.

Black tights and white t- shirt or cap sleeve leo, tights or bike shorts and black slippers for the younger boys, the older boys were pretty much allowed to wear what they liked as long as it was suitable for ballet.

"Buns only" policy for girls, no jewelry allowed except for small stud earrings. Clean, tidy and intact dancewear, pointe shoe ribbons tied properly etc. No legwarmers, dance shorts or skirts allowed except in the adult classes.

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My daughter was fortunate to attend a studio where the dress code went from short-sleeved navy blue for pre-ballet, black for lower levels and solid colors for upper levels, as she needed to wear a bra under her leo starting in middle school and was free to find styles that were more supportive and did a better job of hiding the straps. Shelf liners were totally unworkable for her.


Although her circumstances have since been changed, she is still rather militant-minded towards programs that make large-busted girls feel as though they aren't worthy of pursuing ballet through the use of these specific-color dress codes while they are still too young to do anything about their size.

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