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My daughter attended Heritage Academy in Hilton Head the last 2 years while training at Hilton Head Dance School under Karena Brock. Heritage changed names from International Academy about 2-3 years ago, so it is probably the same school.


The academics are strong at Heritage. The teachers are amazing! It is a wonderful program based on extracurricular passions. The majority of the students are there for golf or tennis, but they do have a good Visual & Performing Arts program with a handful of dancers. They take 3 academic classes per day, getting out of school at 12:30, they are required to put at least 15 hours (a week) into their "passion"... but the dancers put about 2 times that amount of time in, sometimes more.


The ballet instruction in Hilton Head is wonderful. My daughter loves her teachers (John Carlyle and Karena Brock-Carlyle). Most of the girls who dance DO NOT plan on dancing professionally after high school. They are very good, but not as motivated as I'm sure they would be at one of the larger schools. One of the instructors is a certified pilates instructor who works with the girls who are interested in one on one pilates based on what they need as far as ballet goes.


I guess what I would say is you get out of it what you put into it. The instructors will work intensely with the students who are willing to work intensely.


Hilton Head is a great place to live as well!

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I believe that she's presently at Washington School of Ballet! :P

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If anyone is interested in Connecticut dance schools, there are four or five that are considered good ones. Nutmeg, obviously, as well as the Ballet School of Stamford, Ballet Etudes in Norwalk and a school in Southport.

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No, I am not familiar with that Academy, however, I do know Nutmeg, and that is a fine school. I don't know of any others that have residency programs in that area.

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