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Is having a plie everything?


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Hi :wub:

I was just wonderin if having a huge plie is everything? :wacko: Because I don't have a very big plie and its not because of tight achilles (Not sure how to spell) it's actually the front of my foot not being able to relax! But the big thing is I'm getting pain and my left leg is worse then my right! I've been to a physio who has gave me exercises and she also told me to see a doctor who is familar with dancing injuries. He has never seen my case and told me that it may be fixable but it might not be! :wink: I've had x-rays and a MRI and i'm waiting for my results on the MRI. But if it's not curable is it going to stop me having a ballet career because of a small plie???? I am so serious and dedicated and i do the exercises and i don't want this to be stopping me! :shrug:


Thanks in advance! :lol:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, hugadancer. :wub:


Getting the front of the foot to release into plié is quite important. You don't need a monster plié, but just a regular one is essential. There are people who have had stingy pliés and managed a career, I just always wondered if they would have been longer!

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Yes, theraband, and of course just learning to USE your demi plié correctly and well. It does not have to be large, but it does have to have freedom and enough relaxation to allow a rebound for jumping.

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Sorry about the late reply!

I've been dancing for about 8 years and I've always had a really tight plie but I've only just realised that it's not my archilles it's the front! So you don't think it would really effect me? Well I hope so! :) Thanks for the help! :rolleyes:

It's just I do have really high jumps so it's a bit weird!

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Who told you that you had a "bad" plie"? - perhaps they maybe meant a "not perfect" plie - you shouldn't be so hard on yourself! Did you do a lot of pointe at an early age- perhaps this has caused some stress to your ankle area?

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No I started pointe later then my friends. And it's quite obvious to the eye I don't have a good plie. :blushing: My previous dance teacher said that it would probably be a pproblem when I audition for alot of places!

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But now that you've realized the source of the problem, you have a better chance to improve it! Just remember - release into the plié. It will be slow, but if you just think of that, and do it, it will get better.

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I recently went to abt summer intensive and I was told the same thing, I was also told that at Boston Ballet SDP. The front of my ankle wasnt relaxing actually it wasn't flexible enough. I have achilles problems as well, when i was younger I walked on my toes and my achiles wasn't flexible enough to even put my heels down. I had to stretch A LOT every night to fix the achiles problem but this was new. One stretch I've been told to do is take a hard plank (I use an old wooden chess board) and lean it against a wall on an angle and put my foot flat on it and then stretch over on to it. That helps the achilles. For the top part u can bend ur knee and do the same thing. It's helped me a lot. It's really encouraging to hear you don't need a huge plie to be a professional hopefully I'll eventually get a decent one!

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