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Guest Tinytutu30

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Guest Tinytutu30

Hiii I'm new here. Well I was just wondering can you give me ways to get my back more flexible? I try putting my leg on the barre and plie' but I don't think it's helping me much. please help me!


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Hi Tinytutu30, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :(


I took a guess as to your age category, and moved the post to this forum. If it is not the correct one, please let us know and it can be moved again. This kind of question goes in the technique forums, which are the YD forums and the Adult Ballet Students forum.


Exercises for back flexibility are your backwards cambrés. Also, there are other stretches which can be shown by your teacher or by a Pilates or body conditioning teacher.

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In class we do sometimes the cobra from Yoga for flexibility and we do it without using our arms for backstrenght. I really like this exercises but I would ask you teacher first about it. I am sure she knows them and she can tell you exactly how to do it.

Sometimes we also lift the legs off the floor which is more for strenght in your butt and legs than in your back.

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Guest ballettomato

You can also do a cobra against a wall and then try to lift away from the wall. Chances are that you have the back flexibility for a nice arabesque, but not the strength to hold it.

Cambrés with both hands holding onto the barre really worked for me since there wasn't the problem of unsquare shoulders, respectively leaning onto one side anymore.

Another thing that helped me personally: Hold onto the barre with one hand. Have the other hand take the knee of the respective leg. Pull the knee to the back and straighten the leg. This can either be done to stretch into an arabesque or into an arabesque penchée.

Another stretch: Get a doorway that isn't too narrow. Hold with both hands onto one side of the frame. Move one leg against the other side of the frame and then you can either stretch into a backbend or an oversplit.

Remember that when you have done much stretching to the back, do some stretching to the front to compensate!




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