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Guest zacherine

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Guest zacherine

Hi, I have a question. I'm taking my adv found exam soon and I'm not too sure of the exam marking. Is it essential to pass every section before I pass overall or do I just need my total marks to exceed the passing grade even if i fail one section, say pointe?


thanks very much.

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Hello Zacherine, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :speechless:


I have no idea about the exams, so will leave that for Mr. Johnson, however I just wanted to welcome a new member from Singapore!

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Here's the word from the Academy itself. They keep tinkering with it, so individuals will tell you different things. Best to read the matter yourself.




We've been receiving notice from several places in the world that examiners are doggedly holding onto previous methods, so training and enforcement of the present universal standard is a bit dodgy yet.

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as far as i know off, the rule is that you have to pass every section when taking advanced 1 and advanced 2 to pass overall. if nothing has changed yet (and this is the key word, since they keep changing a lot of things all the time :( ), you just have to get the minimum score together, but it doesn't matter if you have 2 or 3 points for pointework.


but again, this is only true if nothing has changed over the past year. to be really sure, you can ask your teacher or contact the RAD.



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Nope, in intermediate foundations there is no pass mark for every section. Pass mark for each section (Technical Proficiency, Musicality, Performance, Pointe and Dance) begins only in Advanced 1 upwards.

In Advanced 1 and 2, if you fail even one section, then even if your total mark is over 40, you'll fail anyway. But not in Advanced Foundation downwards. So if you're not very secured in one section, you just make sure you're good in other section, then you might still make it. It might not be a very good advice, but well.. I only quoted from an RAD examiner who gave me a 4-day oaching class a few months before I took my Advanced Foundation a couple years ago.

But starting from Advanced 1, that marking system gives really quite a nerve, really. My technical proficiency mark for Advanced 2 was only 16, and the pass mark was 14!! :sweating:

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See what I mean about varying interpretations? And the examiners are similarly diverse in their opinions of what goes on.

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Well zacherine, my school is based on RAD syllabi, so I guess I can guarantee that my answer was correct. Pass mark for every section (technical proficiency, musicality, performance, pointe, and dance) begins only in Advanced 1. So, there's no "sectional pass mark" in Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced Foundation. As long as your total mark in 40 or over,you pass. But woe betide for Advanced 1 and 2.... :blushing:

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Guest zacherine

okay, thank you very much for all the advice.

of course it would be best to do well in every section, but I am just a little weak on pointe, that's why i was worried about not passing.


Hopefully I'll be able to do advanced 1 soon (if I ever find time for it since school is so busy!)

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