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I'm not exactly new to london. I'm starting my third year here in fact. I've only been dancing for two years but I really love it and am even considering making it a carrer. My problem is that I am not getting enough ballet classes. this ismy current schedule:



senior ballet 500-630 (pointe)



senior ballet 445-600



senior ballet 445-600



rehersals (times vary)



pointe 430-600



senior ballet 915-1100 (pointe)

elementary ballet 1100-1230

jazz 115-215


i would really like to get more ballet in during the week but i have not found a school that will allow me to do this. anyone have any suggestions?

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Hello americanlostinUK, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :D


I'm not real thrilled with the hour and 15 minutes tech. classes. Just don't see how one can do a decent upper level class in anything less than an hour and a half.

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well I have never known anything else, I'm completely open to other schools, I just haven't been able to find any that I can make it to.

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I think you may have to wait for some of our British members to come to your aid. I'm afraid that I am not familiar with the schools in London. But we do have a lot of posters from the UK here :D

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Good heavens! It's what? Two or three o'clock in the morning in London? Give our poor Londoners a chance! They need their sleep, too!


About 3 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time the first of them should be up and answering.

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well I'm going away for two days, if anyone from london replies while I'm gone, thank you very much! I won't be able to answer any questions for a bit though

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Where are you taking these classes? Are these RAD classes (as all of the RAD classes in London are only 1:15). It would be useful to know your age and location in London. In case you want to make a career out of it, try to get asap into an Associate programme such as CSB, ENB, LSC or RBS which would give you a long Saturday full of extra classes in addition to your regular classes.

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none of these are RAd classes. I should have specified before, sorry. I am 15 and I live in kensington. I will check into assosiate programs, thank you. I was just looking and I can't find a website for ENB's associate program, does it have one?

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what is LSC? I have never heard of it. I feel kind of stupid asking but all the auditions for the other assosiate programs have already taken place.

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LSC = London Studio Centre


The new academic year starts in a couple of weeks, all auditions have already taken place but there are always exceptions. Just try it

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audition was today. It was the first audition I'd ever been to. It went okay for me I think. They kept saying do this if you're andvanced 1 and this if you're intermediate and I was a bit confused (then I figured out they meant RAD levels :angry: ) I find out whether or not I made it in a week!

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