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Hello everyone, I'm new on here. It seems like quite a few of you are in the USA, but I wondered if anyone was in London, and if you could help me at all...


Basically, I just went back to ballet after 4 years off. I'm 21 and have kept in pretty good shape, so although my muscles ache, I'm doing okay. I'm doing two classes a week at the RAD in Battersea (adult intermediate) and I love it. I would like to do another class (I presently do 2 per week) as I think 3 would be the optimal number at this level. As I already have different teachers for the two classes I do, it wouldn't be a problem having another teacher, though obviously it's not ideal. But my two teachers live right out in the suburbs and teach predominantly in the counties around London, rather than in London itself. As I work full time, I would really rather not travel any longer than can be helped.


My teachers have been really positive about my dancing, and I can feel that I'm improving a lot week on week. But I think doing an extra class would really help me. I'd quite like to do a syllabus class- both of my classes, while RAD technique, aren't syllabus. Before I stopped ballet I used to do RAD elementary (which is now intermediate, I think). I've done all the grades. I don't know whether there's anywhere that would let me join an intermediate class. I don't mind being with younger kids- I'm 21, so surely the age gap wouldn't be too immense.


However, I know that for a while I would be floundering about for a bit, until my strength built up and my legs stopped being so useless. So maybe I should wait a while before showing myself up in front of a new class... I don't know.


The alternative, I guess, would be to go to Pineapple or Danceworks and do some classes there. I'm not a big fan of those. I don't feel that I get any corrections, and there are too many people in the classes anyway. I feel that if you are in a class, you should expect to be corrected. Otherwise you might as well be at home, dancing along to a cd.


I know I'll never be a fantastic dancer, but it's something I've done since I was 4, bar the last 4 years. I've read of people taking major exams in their 20s and 30s and I would really love to do the same.


If you have any advice or help that you can give, I would be very grateful!


Thanks! Hattie xx

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Hi Hattie,


The London Studio Centre are currently doing syllabus classes in RAD and Cecchetti, maybe worthwhile to check them out. Just google London Studio Centre - and it's under the "Access classes" section.




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Hattie, there are a lot of people on this board who do classes in London. If you do some searching in the Adult Students Buddy Board - maybe using the terms "London" and "classes" - I'm sure you'll get some useful information. I know I've always found everyone here really helpful & friendly. And maybe you'll meet up with other BT4D posters in your classes! Several posters do the RAD courses at Battersea.

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Hello Hattie, & welcome

yes, you'll find plenty of references to classes around London. Finding the right one will depend on your area, & I don't know about Battersea/south London, unfortunately. But somebody here will do. :)

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I just moved to the northern part of central London from the U.S. and I'm 15 (almost 16). Does anyone have any recommendations of schools I should try out? I don't mind if it is a small school as long as there is an excellent teacher that can teach (preferably with Royal Ballet school or company background).

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If you are based in London, I would suggest you check out balletcoforum.com which has many active members who could provide some answers from their own experience.

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