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I am going to be attending MCBS for the first time this year. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the year-round program or if anyone on this board has attended or is attending. I would love your imput. Thanks! :grinning:

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I have been so busy here in Miami that I have not had much time for reading the ballet boards!


I love everything about Miami City Ballet School. Both of my main teachers, Truman Finney and Geta are fabulous. I feel that both my technique and artistic expression have improved by being here.


I am excited to have the opportunity to perform Tea in MCB's Balanchine Nutcracker.


If anyone has any questions about the program, please feel free to post here or PM me. I would be more than happy to give any additional insight on the fabulous program!

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Im looking into this school for next year and I was wondering how the levels work. Are they the same as the summer program (say if you were in 8 during the summer, would you be in 8 during the year) or are they not really related. How old are the girls in the advanced level?

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While I did not attend MCB's summer course, I did audition for the program. I was awarded my scholarship to the year-round program by auditioning in August in an open audition.


The ages in the advanced level range from 16 to 20. I would say the average age is probably 18. I believe that all four of the student apprentices are either 18 or recently turned 19.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me. I always forget that this particular board on ballet talk exists! :rolleyes:

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I've heard that Miami has a residential program set up for this coming school year, but can't find the information on their website. Does anyone have some information?


Obviously, for those that know me, I am not asking for myself, but would love to know more - especially if anyone has first hand information - and attends there now, or has spoken with the school. :lol:

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Guest stardancermom

I just thought I would give some thoughts on Miami City Ballet School's year-round program. I give it five stars and two thumbs up! I hope some of you moms will consider sending your dd's and dk's to the program.


My dd is in the Advanced level, and this is her first year at MCBS. She has attended many "big name" summer programs (including SAB), but Miami City Ballet School is a well-kept secret, a gem among programs.


Linda and Edward Villella are fabulous. They truly care about each student and make the school a real emphasis. Unlike many other big-name schools, their dancers are trained to dance for the company. Two wonderful examples are Jeanette and Patricia Delgado, talented dancers who were trained at the school and were recently featured in Dance Magazine.


The teachers at the school are fabulous. My dd currently has Geta Constantinescu and Truman Finney. Geta Constantinescu, originally from Romania, is the former ballet mistress of the Universal Ballet and of the Hong Kong Ballet. In addition, she is a master of Gyrotonics. Truman Finney, known as the present-day Stanley Williams, has taught at the School of American Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, Princess Grace Academy (in Monaco), and other American and European Schools and companies. Both teachers are extremely detail-oriented and provide individual attention to the students. The school teaches a well-rounded mixture of the Balanchine and Vaganova techniques.


The Advanced classes are held six days a week. Each day, students have technique, pointe, and rep. In addition, variations, jazz, Gyrotonics, and pas de deux are offered. The school, also, has a large number of boys.


Students have the opportunity to perform in a series of outreach programs for school children in Miami and West Palm Beach. In addition, several students are invited to perform in Nutcracker and other company performances throughout the year. The end of year Student Showcase in the spring is the major performance. The reperatory for the school includes both classical ballet and Balanchine pieces. More than one student has the opportunity to be "highlighted" in school performances. The casting is quite fair.


One new added feature that will be offered in 2006-2007 will be a dormitory that includes an in-house academic program. Johnson and Wales University has agreed to provide dormitory housing for Miami City Ballet's High School students. Transportation to and from the studios will also be provided. The ACCESS program, the academic program, will provide students the opportunity to take both high school classes and college courses towards graduation. The school is really excited about this new dormitory/academic opportunity.


Each year, students from the Summer Intensive are accepted to the year-round program. Kids from all over the United States (and internationally) are part of the program this year. This summer, international students from Hungary, China, and several Latin American countries will participate in the program. The program has become much more competitive as far as acceptance. The number of attendees has been reduced from 200 to 150 in a means to make it more competitive with the other prestigious. Both financial need and merit scholarships are being offered.


I hope this information helps anyone who may consider attending or sending their dd to this wonderful school. I wish everyone all the best for this audition season.


If you would like more information on the program feel free to PM me. :flowers:

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Thank you very much stardancermom - very helpful input. :flowers: Can you tell me if this residential program has been publicized yet or not? Perhaps it is too new to be on their website?

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Guest stardancermom

Oh, I forgot to add: You can also go to the Johnson and Wales University website, and there should be information on the ACCESS program. For acceptance to the ACCESS program, there is an application process that includes an interview with the University director. I have personally visited the University and spoke with the admissions staff and feel that this is a great opportunity for kids wanting to enter a residency program. If you would like to learn more about this program, Linda Villella (MCBS Director) would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact the school at (305) 929- 7007. The MCBS website will probably post more about the residency program in the near future.


Hopes this helps any interested in the program, and feel free to PM me. :flowers:

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Stardancermom...would love to pm you, but I believe you have to reach 30 posts before I can reach you. Might you be able to address the training at the advanced level (year round ) including number of students per class, how it is different from other levels, where students are housed, how the program assists with job placement, etc? All the details, please. :green:

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I have been attending MCBS for about a month now so I should be able to answer some of your questions. Advanced women has around 15 or so, advanced men has around 10 and level 8 has maybe 10-15 in it. The men take both classes so there are around 25 students in the classes. Advanced has classes at starting at 10 am most days. This year there is no housing provided by the school but I believe there will be next year. Students stay at various apartments in the Miami Beach area. My apartment is a few blocks from the school which is very convienent. Im not really sure how they assist with job placement since im only 16, but many people have been recieving offers from various companies. This is a great program and I would highly reccomend it!

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