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My daughter is currently in PP2. This is her 2nd year, she started in PP1. Both years she has lived at the Tradewinds Apartments, 2 blocks from the school. This is the housing arrangement set up by the school. About half or less of the students stay there. Others make their own arrangements. About half the kids at tradewinds are international students. They live 4 girls or 4 boys to an apartment, one large bedroom with 2 sets of bunk beds. One shared bathroom, a full kitchen, and living area. There is a resident supervisor who lives on site (really helpful). Cost this year is about $1000/month (per student). They all have to do their own grocery shopping and cooking. The living arrangements have worked quite well for us. Housing is expensive in miami beach. The convenience to the studio is huge! Even small studio apartments in the area are often upwards of $1500/month. Beach high is across the street, but most kids opt for on line school. I would say online school is essential for anyone in PP2 given the schedule. Most days they are dancing from 9-3 or later. Some of the students have really struggled to balance the dance with a full high school course load. Takes someone with a lot of initiative, discipline, and focus to fit it all in.

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Hello, my DD has decided to attend MCB's full time program in the pre professional 1 group. Originally, she wanted to do all online school (Florida Virtual) but the deadline to enroll was last Friday. She now plans on attending Beach High and taking some online classes. Does anyone know about the Beach High dress code? The school website has something from 2010-11 but, I'm wondering if anyone has more current info.


Additionally, DD will be staying at Tradewinds. While the location is an ideal distance from the studio and Beach high, it does seem like a very decent walk to the grocery stores. Is it really walkable or is Uber more appropriate? Also, if it is walkable, should my DD have some sort of cart to haul groceries home?


Thanks for the help, BTFD community!

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My DD stayed at the Tradewinds this summer and the dancers walked to the grocery store. My daughter stated that it was a long walk with the groceries. Everything is conveniently located from the Tradewinds.

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My dd stayed in an apartment near the Tradewinds this summer, and they would walk to the store, and uber home with the groceries. It's 0.8 miles to the nearest public. The local Walgreens does have a couple rows of food items, so things like milk, bread, snacks, misc frozen items, etc are readily available a couple blocks away for in between stuff.

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My dd is not. We have a professional ballet school where we are. And Miami is about as far as you can get from whee we live.

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Beachtime, will you DD live in Tradewinds? What are your plans for school? My DD would like to do Beach High for part of the day and take a few online classes as well. So far, we have not been able to reach anyone at the high school though.

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Hi Mamaxtres. My DD will be living in the Tradewinds. My daughter will be doing on line for schooling with her local hs. She only has 3 classes to finish her hs school diploma.

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If there is a review form like there is for summer intensives I would be happy to fill it out. :D If anyone has questions feel free to ask!

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Dancer Age: 15


Dancer Sex: Female


Program Name: Miami City Ballet Year-Round 


Program Level dancer was in: Pre-Professional 1


Who is providing Feedback: Student





- The floor at MCB is gray marley that is sprung.


Building Safety:

- Security Guard at front desk in lobby



- There are 8 studios, 7 of which are very large. 


Bathrooms/general cleanliness of studios:

-Very clean.



Number of students in class: 

- There are officially 18 of us in PP1, but on an average day it will be around 13-15 because students have rehearsals or take class with PP2.

- PP2 is a bit larger, with maybe 25 girls.


Was the student challenged: 

-  Very!!!



- MCB teaches the Balanchine technique.


Did the students have the same teacher(s) every day:

- No, we have 6 teachers spread out throughout the week.



We normally have three classes a day, starting with 1 hour 45 minute ballet class. Following the ballet class is either pas de deux, variations, pointe, etc for 1 hour or longer. After that it is either contemporary, pas de deux, or repertoire (1 hour and a half). We also have pilates once a week!


What other dance forms were offered:



Was partnering available and if so, for what levels:

Yes, levels PP1 and PP2 twice a week.


Was Pilates or other conditioning offered:

Pilates is offered for each level once a week but you can take more and also stretch classes if you choose in your free time.


Did you feel that the number of injuries was average:

Yes, very few have been injured.


Is Physical Therapy available onsite:

- Yes, there is PT on the 3rd floor.


Were nutrition/anatomy/personal safety/injury prevention classes offered:

- Yes


Were open classes available to attendees:

- Yes


Was ballet class time used for rehearsal:

- No




Is this program more suitable for any specific age group: 

- There is a really large age range! In PP1 and PP2 it probably ranges from 14-20 (a few 13 year olds).


What do you like best:

- The teachers are phenomenal!


What did you like least:

- Contemporary lol.


Would the student return again:

- Yes, I plan on returning next year


Did you feel comfortable raising concerns if there were any:

- Yes, you can talk to the director or any administrators very easily.


In a word or phrase, please describe the atmosphere of this program:

- Definitely intense, but in a good way. The teachers are very straight-forward and are not afraid to tell you what to work on. (we have 2 yearly conferences with the director where she talks to us about our progress and moving forward, etc.). 


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RA/ Student Ratio:

There is 1 Housing Supervisor during the week and a different one on Sundays for 22 kids.

Were you happy with the security/supervision:

Yes.. For it being a hotel also, we have never had any issues with safety.

We have to be back for curfew by 9:30 Sun-Fri and 10:00 on Saturdays. 


Is it easy to communicate with home:




There is no meal plan!! However, I have found it surprisingly easy to cook my own food. We are also super close to a lot of good restaurants and lincoln road so we can go out to eat too!

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Thanks for your review, LRivers. I see that you’re 16, so I’m assuming you’re still in high school. Can you speak to how academics are handled? When/where/how do you do your school work? Also, approximately when are your dance classes held daily? Can you give us a sample weekly schedule? Thanks in advance!

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For academics, you can either take classes at Beach High which is like 1 block away from everything or do online school... For Pre-Pro 1 you can take up to 6 classes at beach high (3 each day, block scheduling) and get out of school around noon. If you are in PP2, you can only take up to 2 classes (1 each day) because ballet classes start in the morning. I personally take 2 classes at Beach High and do the rest with virtual school that I do in the dorms on my own. I know some people who like to do their online school at the library which is literally next door to MCB and really nice!


I will just type put the usual PP1 Schedule:


3:45-5:15 Technique Class

5:15-6:15 Pointe Class

6:15-7:30 Contemporary



3:45-5:15 Technique Class

5:15-6:15 Pointe/Variations Class

6:15-7:30 Pas de Deux



3:45-5:15 Technique Class

5:15-6:15 Variations

6:15-7:45 Repertoire



3:00-4:00 Pilates

4:00-5:30 Technique

5:30-6:30 Pointe



3:45-5:15 Technique Class

5:15-6:15 Pas de Deux

6:15-7:45 Repertoire



10:30-12:30 Technique

1:30-3:00 Repertoire


PP2 has a very similar schedule, just starting at 9:45 instead of 3:45

If there are rehearsals (PP2 has more than PP1) they will be extra classes, not during any of those set times.


On saturdays, PP1 and PP2 are often combined for technique classes.

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