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Are we talking about the SI or the year-round school?  This is the SInonly thread.  We have a separate dedicated thread for the year-round school. :wink:  Please let us know which program is being discussed so we can make sure the questions and information are on the correct thread. :thumbsup:

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Oops, sorry. I thought we were discussing the year-round program. I only look at  ‘new activity’ and so I don’t see in which sub-forum topics are listed.

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Can anyone provide some details on where dancers are going after graduating.  Are they being asked to join Miami City Ballet?  Are they getting jobs at other companies, etc?  


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I would really like to know as well. 


I actually did an analysis of the corps and their history and it appears to me, with the information that is available publically, that last year (2017) maybe 1 Miami student per year comes into the corps or apprentice and then another student or two come from somewhere else. Last year a boy from BAE and a girl from CPYB. . .  But that's what I can gather from bios on the web. 


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DD has a friend who has been a student apprentice with the company this year, who just received a corps contract for next season.  

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learningdance, did your research reveal where the other students went? College, other companies etc?

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I only researched the online bios of the female corps company members to see the patterns in training. Since 2013, when Lourdes came on there have been about 16 female corps members hired.  10 of these had some part of their training with school, 6 did not. Of the 6 several were experienced corps members or apprentices from other companies. 

What this means I do not know.  

I think that Lourdes is choosing a mix of dancers who have come up through the school (or had about 1-2 years) and those who has not. 

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This year there were 4 student apprentices with MCB (2 girls, 2 boys)... Three of them came from MCBS PP2 last year, and the fourth came from SAB. (They are still a part of PP2 and take company class like 2-3 times a week.. Do all of the company rehearsals in the afternoon). Two of the apprentices just got corps contracts last week, I believe for next season. Obviously, Lourdes can not take everyone from MCBS into the company and she must consider those not in the school as well, while the majority of MCB did come from MCBS (at least in recent years). A good amount of other students not hired by Miami managed to find jobs last year, others went on to go to college. 

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The school also hosts an audition workshop for Pre-Pro students each year that teaches us how to make audition videos, write cover letters, resumes, etc. They also give us a list of recommended companies, colleges, and other job opportunities related to our training.

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6 hours ago, LRivers said:

. A good amount of other students not hired by Miami managed to find jobs last year, others went on to go to college. 

How many? Where? Which companies? Which colleges? 

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Of the people that have moved on from last year:

- PD at PNB (1)

- Training at SAB (2)

- Richmond Ballet

- Atlanta Ballet II

- Ballet Austin II

- Boston Ballet trainee

- Alabama Ballet

- Carolina Ballet trainee

and then of course 3 people got apprenticeships at Miami City Ballet...


There are a couple others that I am not sure of... 


Last year was also the first year with the new director so it will be interesting to see how things pan out from here.

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LRivers - Thank you so much for all of you information.  You have been so great at answering all of these questions!  

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