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LRivers (or anyone else who might know)-

My daughter was at MCBS for spring break and really, really enjoyed the classes with Arantxa and Sasha. I understand that they teach PP1 and PP2 classes every week. My question is, are they representative of the quality and style of all the teachers there? 

Also, what is the vibe like with the year round PP1 and PP2 students? Are most of the girls friendly? Is competition among students encouraged? 

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Yes, all of the teachers during the year are consistent to how Arantxa and Sasha teach. The teachers actually have conferences to discuss different takes on certain steps and styles to make sure they are all teaching things the same way. Most of the girls in PP1 and PP2 are very friendly! We all get along very well, even with the other pre-pro class. There is competition, but I feel like it is healthy competition because we all really want to strive to be our best.

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Has anyone had experience with auditioning by video (for the year-round, pre-professional program), and being asked to come to MCBS for an in-person audition?

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  • 2 months later...

My daughter is all registered and ready to join this program in the fall. She is incredibly excited, and although I have to admit I'm a little apprehensive about her living so far from home, I know it's the right choice for her at this time.

LRivers, or anyone else who has lived in Tradewinds year round- Is there anything you wish you knew before your first year? Anything you would have brought? Or left at home? We would greatly appreciate any words of advice!

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Tradewinds does not com with a meal plan, so you will need to make sure you come prepared to cook for yourself! They give you some cooking equipment, but you will need to bring spatulas, whisks, measuring cups, pans, etc... It will probably be easiest to split that between the roommates once you all arrive.

Also, the rooms do not have that much storage space so I would definitely get plastic drawers to store extra clothes and/or things. I definitely overpacked last year, you definitely do not need as many clothes as you think you do! 

You also might want to bring a mattress topper, since the beds are not very comfortable.

This is all I can think of for now, will update if I remember more!

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Can anyone tell me if their DD was offered a year round position at any other time than during the Miami SI? Miami does auditions at the end of August or beginning of September. Has anyone gotten an offer to stay year round at that time of auditioning? What about mid year? Are there ever spots available mid year? Is anyone ever asked to stay for year-round after doing the spring break program?

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This past audition season my DD was offered year round from the SI audition.  In addition to the SI, and Choreographic weeks. She ended up going to a different program, so did not attend. 

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My DD was offered year round during spring break. She went to another program for the summer, but started at MCBS a few weeks ago and loves it. 


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Hi Plain Jane.

Congrats to your DD !

My dd is wondering at what level one might hope to get a year round acceptance from the spring workshop, as opposed to having to attend the summer.

She is considering for this year.


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To remove question which was too personal.
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Gentle Reminder:  Members may prefer not to answer personal questions that may lead to identifying their dancers in the “real world”.  Please take no offense if answers are not forthcoming regarding such questions.  :)

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  • 6 months later...

Can LRivers or anyone comment on placement of pre-pro graduates from 2018? The info provided on the previous page is from 2017, which is great, but I’d love some additional placement info. 

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MCB announced their new roster yesterday. At least two from the pre-pro program joined the company.  They entered the pre-pro program after studying at BAE and attending the SI. 

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Linrc1, yes, wonderful news! I'm also wondering about all of the amazing pre-pro graduates who do not join the company. 

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