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Thanks for notifying us! I looked up the info and it's interesting reading the biographies. It looks like 2 dancers 1 male and 1 female went to IU.



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On 4/19/2019 at 9:20 AM, abirgirl said:

Linrc1, yes, wonderful news! I'm also wondering about all of the amazing pre-pro graduates who do not join the company. 

Ah yes!  I am too! The real test of any school is ALL of it's graduates, not just the 15% who are brought into the company. 

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I have a few questions about the PP1 program.  Approximately how many girls are going to be enrolled for PP1 2019/2020?  If you are a dancer, do you feel you improved significantly in this program?  Are all classes for PP1 en pointe?  Do the girls in the program get along?  Thanks in advance for your answering these questions!!

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My daughter is starting in PP1 this fall. I don’t have answers to your questions but I will once the program starts!

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Hi! How is your daughter liking the program? I'm looking for something year-round for my 16 year-old daughter for fall 2020.  Thanks!

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I can give an update on the pre-pro program as my DD joined it this year. Addressing the specific questions above:

There are approximately 25 dancers in PP1 and fewer (22? In PP2). I’m not certain on numbers and this is somewhat fluid because some students take class in both groups. No men in PP1, but 8-10? in PP2. I’ll have to verify numbers with my DD; this is just based on my observation in a few classes.

My DD does feel like she has improved significantly this first semester. She’s learned a lot of rep and has improved technically. She’s dealing with a cumulative strain injury that pre-existed MCB, unfortunately, so she has missed some classes. The company PT has been helpful and teachers have been understanding.

All classes are en pointe although the students sometimes take technique classes on flat based on their needs (younger student, injured, etc). 

The PP1s appear to get along well. There is a wide range of ages (13-18), so there are naturally some differing interests/development levels. The girls all seem respectful and supportive of one another. I would say it is a happy/pleasant vibe. 

I watched classes with most of the faculty during observation week. All were excellent. The talent level of all students was very impressive. It seems like about half of the PP2s performed Nut with the company. One of the PP2s made her debut in a soloist role. That was very motivating for the younger students!

There was recently a new school director named to handle the administrative/business side of the school, freeing up the existing leader to focus on the artistic side. I think this should be a positive change. Year-round students are welcome to stay at MCB for SI or they may go elsewhere. They encourage the older students to go away for SIs to expand their network. 

Please let me know if you have other specific questions and I’ll try to answer them based on our experience so far.

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My DD does not live in MCB housing, but we were able to make arrangements we’re very happy with (don’t want to give details here for privacy, but PM for more info). She walks to Trader Joe’s for groceries (just under 1 mile) weekly and cooks/eats all meals at home.

DD has always been homeschooled, so we’ve just continued on with our program. I was able to arrange for her to take PSAT and AP exams at the local high school. The MCB student life person was a wonderful resource and helped immeasurably to get this arranged. DD has plenty of time to manage a rigorous academic load and her dance training. She does schoolwork from 8-12ish, dances from 1-5ish, and finishes about 2 hours of schoolwork in the evenings. She generally does a bit more work on Sunday evenings.

Most students in DDs group live at Tradewinds and all but a couple do virtual/online school as opposed to attending the local public school. 

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All of these comments are right on par with my daughter’s experience at MCBS this fall. She lives at Tradewinds and does online school in the mornings and ballet classes in the afternoons. She has found the ballet classes to be very challenging and feels that she has improved a lot this past fall. She has a core group of friends and has found the dancers to be very friendly. They go to the beach or walk along Lincoln Road a lot. She Instacarts her groceries from Publix and sometimes walks to Publix or Trader Joe’s. The MCB employee who lives at Tradewinds with the dancers is amazing and very helpful. We are very pleased with all aspects of the program! 

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Good morning! If there are any families w year round students finding their own accommodations for upcoming school year, I would love to PM about apt buildings in area. I do not want to put my DD in a building that does not have other dancers walking to student division classes. TIA!

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My daughter will be starting her second year as a pre-pro. This year she is living at the Octagon. There are a number of dancers who live there. 

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Thanks for your quick response @abigirl. I'm looking at The Mantell, Bresaro Suites and we stayed at The Roney Palace during 5 week which was beautiful but big for a 16 yr old living on her own. Do you happen to know of any dancers are at Mantell or Roney- thanks, feel free to PM me too!

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