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Hi Everyone, 

my daughter was just accepted as a new student. Her acceptance only says for “year round” and does not list a level like the SI acceptances do.  Do this seem right to those who were accepted for year round? Unfortunately, the log in link they sent with our acceptance doesn’t work! Ugh.  Too much suspense. 

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Miamidancer000, That is a lot of suspense! You can probably call the school for level placement and log in information.

My daughter found out she was changing schools 5 weeks before classes begin, I can not imagine finding out days before. Best of luck!

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Miamidancer000, my dancer is not at MCB, but yes her invite included the level. 

I would expect to know what level my dancer would be in before committing to a new school. 

Have you called them yet? I am sure they will be able to give you the information that you are looking for.

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Yes, called several times(no answer) and emailed. I got an email response just saying they were having technical difficulties.  They still did tell me the level. 😭

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Could someone give an example of the PP1’s schedule? I’m looking to attend this coming year.

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This year there is just one level in the PP Program, but the students are separated into three smaller groups. They dance daily from about 9:30-1:30 or 10:30-2:30, with a slightly shorter schedule on Saturdays. Classes include: ballet, pointe, variations, Spanish, contemporary, choreography, Pilates, and rep. No partnering this year, obviously.

Please note this is a very different schedule than last year (when they danced in the afternoon approximately 1-5p), so there is no guarantee next year’s schedule won’t be wildly different. Hope that helps.

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Thank you!

I imagine the new schedule is a byproduct of Covid. 

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The PP program mentioned above- are they now offering a program for post high school aged students? I thought they only took students through high school at MCB (in the same manner as SAB) and didn't have any kind of training program that you could join?  Thanks for any tips! My dd graduates high school this year and is considering some post grad, pre pro, and training programs for this fall, and didn't realize this one might be an option - if it is - so wondering if it would be something to consider auditioning for next year or is that too old? Thanks!!

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My daughter is wanting to reply yes to the email asking for those interested in staying year round. We have a big family life change potentially on the horizon, so our situation is unsure. Does anyone know if there’s a risk to saying we are interested if we potentially have to turn it down if she’s accepted??


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I submitted a video audition to Miami City Ballet school and was accepted into the student division, however I just turned 16 a week ago and it says on Miami City Ballets website that the student division is only for 8-13 year olds? So I assumed when I was applying I would be either rejected or accepted into the pre professional program for 14-18 year olds? Has anyone else had this happen? Or is this just a mistake?

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I am looking for updates as to where the graduates from this program have gone in recent years.  Do most go to college, get jobs at other companies or get jobs at Miami City Ballet?  Can any current students, or parents, speak as to how well Miami has prepared them for the next step in their journey. Thanks in advance!!

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I know of one who moved to Orlando Ballet as a trainee this year. She had been at MCBS as a sophomore in HS through 2021 (was a 2020 HS grad but stayed on a year)


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1-2 per year seem to get contracts with MCB (generally at least a year or two post-grad), 5-6 others take positions with other companies (trainees, 2nd companies, or corps jobs), and the rest either go to college or ???

The training is excellent, but I wouldn’t necessarily say they have all been prepared for the next step on their journey. Like most other schools, it takes a lot of initiative and support from invested family members to guide them to the next step. 

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