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Because boarding options are new for next year, perhaps the best answers would come from contacting the program itself.

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I believe levels for the summer are generally the same as the year. I believe that acceptance to the year-round program is not automatic to all summer students. :(

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Oh, and about the dorms at the University next year, I suggest you call the school to get definitive answers to your questions.

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What are the apartment options near the studios? I know some of the kids stay close by, does anyone have any idea of the buildings, distance to the studio and approximate cost?


Also, what age of kids are in these apartments? Is there any time of assistnace from the school or staff in finding housing?

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Last year an administrator found an apartment for my son within walking distance to the studio, waterfront. It was small and was going for $900.00 per month. It could have no more than 2 people so a roomate would have split the cost.


But I wouldn't let my son stay in a living arrangement that was not supervised.

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Unlike many other big-name schools, their dancers are trained to dance for the company. Two wonderful examples are Jeanette and Patricia Delgado, talented dancers who were trained at the school and were recently featured in Dance Magazine.

Also, this season 6 dancers are listed in the company's program as "Miami City Ballet School Apprentices." They've performed in serious corps roles in Western Symphony, Push Comes to Shove, Ballet Imperial, etc. I could distinguish them from regular corps members only because their faces were unfamiliar to me. Otherwise, they were superbly prepared, were very confident on the stage, and fitted in completely. They "belonged."

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There are many apartment options near the studio, scaling from modest accomadations to luxury high rises. A large number of MCBS students stay at either Cynthia's Apartments or The Mantelle, both of which are an extremely short walk from the studio. The Roney Palace (a highrise), is literally only a few steps away! The area is a safe one, so no worries there!


In addition, as mentioned previously, the option to dorm at JW University will be offered. This will be an excellent option for students whose parents do not feel comfortable unleashing their child onto Miami Beach without supervision.


I would like to point out that the MCBS staff is always available for the students if they have any ballet or non-ballet related questions. For example, if a student is ill or injured, someone from MCB will drive them to a doctor or the nearby Mt. Sinai Hospital. In fact, when I first moved to Miami Beach and needed a physical check-up done, Ms. Villella herself recommended a pediatrician for me.


The school really goes above and beyond the call of duty. They have made the move here such a nice transition. :D

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Can you tell me how the Mantell and the Cynthia Apartments compare? I am unable to find out anything on the Cynthia on the internet. I have seen the Mantell website. Are either of these large enough for roommates are do the dancers have their own apartments?


Do you have many idea if there will be post High School graduates summer students staying in apartment during the summer or do most of these dancers stay in the dorm?

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Is anyone aware of how they handle high school aged dancers from out of town? Say a 16 year old wanted to attend MCBS, is there any supervision for someone underage? Does the ballet school work with the academic school?

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Cahill: Cynthia Apartments are big enough for a roommate. I actually dont think there is anyone at Cynthia without a roommate. The mantell rooms are smaller. It would be possible to have a roommate, but at cynthias the rooms are bigger, and less expensive. If you or your daughter are thinking about coming here, I would check out both and decide then, getting a room shouldnt be hard in August. I know of at least 2 highschool aged dancers living in apartments for the summer program, and im sure there are more. I doubt any of them are going to be in the dorms.


Redstorm: I'm 16 now but living with my mother here, as are 2 other 16 year olds. Ray, at the Mantell supervises the students somewhat. He calls students parents and keeps in touch with them. I heard that they are going to have dorms next year, but I dont know anything about that. The local high school is accomodating to the ballet schedule. Girls in level 8 can go for 4 hours in the morning. It is harder in advanced due to the 10 am class, though one girl does go for 2 hours in the morning and does 2 credits online. If you want to PM me, I could go into more details.

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To add on academics, a great number of the students are completely high school via correspondence schooling. I, myself, am completing High School with Texas Tech University's High School Correspondence program.


I believe that the majority (if not all) of the year-round level VIII and Advanced students who will be attending the Summer Course will be staying in their apartments, not the dorms.


My mother lives with me for now, but I will be alone for the summer as a sort of "trial run." I am one of the girls dancer8906 mentioned above.

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Allegrodancer and dancer8906


Thanks for your information. Allegrodancer, the older kids staying in the apartments for the summer, are they at the Mantell or another apartment? I wonder how the dancers staying in the apartments will have the opportunity to interact with the other dancers. Are they included in the weekend events?

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When you say older students, do you mean 16 and up? Some will be in the Mantell and at Cynthia's, and others will be elsewhere. I am sure that we will interact with each other much the same way as we do during the year. In the area, we can meet each other on Lincoln Road Mall for dinner or go to the movies or beach. There are a plethora of different activities for us to do.


I am not sure if we will be included in the weekend activities or not. as this will be my first summer at MCBS. Really, for me at least, my summer experience here will not be so much a "going away" experience, because I have lived here all year. After MCBS summer, I will be headed to Washington, D.C. for Suzanne Farrell's Kennedy Center program.


Either way, staying in the dorms or in an apartment, I am sure that the Miami City Ballet School experience will be fabulous. For a summer apartment, cahill, several apartments offer month to month leases, if you are wanting to "try it out" before renting a full year or multi-month lease for the school year.


Hope this clarified a little! :D

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