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I am also attending the SI for the first time, though do you know how many kids get accepted for the year round program? I am going to audition for the year round program and was just curious. Also do you know how I could contact any other girls to room with this summer? The girls who I know are all going the dorm route, though like you, I am attending two programs this summer and am trying to save money!!!!

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Just curious Allegrodancer...are the advance level students encouraged to stay at MCB for the summer, or to go away? How many of the year round advanced level students do you expect will be there for the summer? I know of a few that will be in the dorms...hope you can all connect up! :sweating:

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I'm not sure what the best way to contact potential roomies. You might try calling the school and asking about it, but other than that, I don't really know. As far as saving money goes, I am not sure if staying in an apartment would be the less expensive route... real estate is certainly not cheap in Miami Beach, and the Mantell (one of the least expensive options), for example, is at least $900 a month. This does not include food and all that good stuff.



We are generally encouraged to go away for the summer, though we are always welcome to attend the summer program. I was encouraged to come to Miami's program before Suzanne Farrell's Kennedy Center program, because the dates do not conflict. However, many advanced students choose to stay in Miami over the summer if they are hoping to be promoted to Student Apprentices in the near future. I do know that most of the year-round kids who come in the summer stay in apartments.


Hope this was the info you all were looking for! Please feel free to ask anything else or ask me to elaborate. :D

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It sounds like MCB is just recently getting the year round program set up for those that are from out of town- is this correct? Also, it seems as though most from out of town are HS juniors and seniors, therefore making it easier to finish HS courses via correspondence.


We are just now researching year-round programs and this one sounds great with both Balanchine and Vaganova teachers! My DD was accepted to the MCB SI this summer but is attending Kaatsbaan. She has attended SAB too. I was encouraged to see that Allegodancer was accepted to SI but did not go and was still accepted year-round. One always wonders whether this makes a difference.

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Actually, even without dorms until next year, MCBS is very much a year-round school for out of town students. Not one person in the Advanced level is a Miami native, and very few are native Floridians in level VIII. The apartment situation is set up nicely. There are several sophomores, but it is mainly juniors and seniors (and post grads).


Quite a few come to Miami year-round from other Summer Programs. Another girl, besides myself, came to Miami year-round after SAB's Summer Course. Others came from other programs. However, the majority of students who come do attend the summer program first.


I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask any additional questions. :(

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My DD will graduate from high school at 16. Does the year round program permit under 18 year olds to attend even if they have finished high school, or is it a program that is offered only to student dancers?

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Allegrodancer- Thanks, you have been very helpful. A couple more questions- I looked on the website and did not see when auditions are held for year-round. (They just say call for info on the school) The levels with colors on the side (ie. sage green) confused me a bit. Are the levels subdivided? Are most of the "out of town" dancers level 8 and advanced? And lastly, how did you find the correspondence program you are using for HS. Thanks again for your help! :wub:

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You can most certainly be graduated to attend Miami City Ballet School year-round. What I am not sure about is whether a non-academic person could stay at the JW dorms. I suggest you call the school for more info. However, most (if not all) of the current MCBS students (including myself) will opt to live in their current apartments rather than moving to the dorms. If you felt comfortable with your daughter doing this, that would definitely not be a problem. Otherwise, my best advice is to contact Linda Villella directly at (305) 929-7007.



For auditioning year-round, I suggest you call the school. I am not sure if an open audition has been scheduled yet, but I know that many students audition in class with level VIII or Advanced throughout the year. I am sure you could schedule an appointment like this. Also, it would be a way for your son or daughter to get a feel for the program.


The colors on the side of the schedule are the color leotard we are scheduled to wear for that day. The levels are not sub-divided. I believe that ALL of the "out of town" dancers are currently in level VIII or Advanced.


I am using Texas Tech University's dual credit high school and college program. I believe several students use different university programs and also online schools, such as Keystone. Also, you can attend Miami Beach Senior High. Or, of course, JW University is offering a high school program next year for the MCBS students who live in the university dorms. So, there are quite a few academic options available.



If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. :thumbsup:





Oh, I also wanted to add something that I recently found out about the Mantell Apartments:


If you are only staying for the summer program at the Mantell, I believe it is $1800 a month, as opposed to around $900.

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I'm not sure that I'm on the correct thread. Please accept appologies and move this to the correct one, but does anybody know or has experienced the training, year round for Miami City Ballet for levels 7 or 8 or even lower? Just generally. How intense and/or structured is it? I heard that it is better to start dancing in a company school, from ages 14 and up, for training, no matter where you set your sights for. Is this true? I'm not sure whether to send my dd there or to a very reputable smaller studio. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

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Couldn't decide whether to start a new topic on Cross Talk or post here. :thumbsup: I know someone who may be living in Miami and since I know only what I've read on this thread....


If you were looking for a place to live in order to have a student attend MCB's school and wanted the student to be able to walk there easily or take public transportation and feel that this teenager would be safe going to and fro on their own at different times of day or night... Where would you look to find an apartment? I'm not saying that this teenager is going to be living on their own, but really I am trying to gain some understanding of neighborhoods and streets in the MCB School area.


For example, if one were looking on Craigslist for a place to live - are there certain streets to avoid? Is this part of the city geared towards people living there or is it more of a "downtown", entertainment sort of area?


Are there any extended stay hotels nearby? Grocery stores, libraries, etc.? Any feedback positive or negative about the area, suggestions, etc., will be greatly appreciated. :P

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I thought there had been talk of housing for out of town year-round students being provided in the dorms at Johson & Wales for the 2006-2007 school year?? :thumbsup:

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When my son auditioned this spring he stayed in an efficiency a block away from the school. It is my understanding that some of the older summer kids lived there and that some of the older teenagers/younger dancers live there during the year. I am searching for the name, but I think it is on a thread called "places to stay in Miami". Will talk to DS and post later today. **found it** Ray Breslin @ Bresaro SUites, 1-305-535-8225 He said it was a really nice place, close to everything and clean.

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Thanks cahill! :) Don Ho, there is a discussion about the dorms and J&W's Access program for academics but one must be at least a high school junior. This student I know is not. As I posted, they would not be living on their own but either with a parent or an older student if circumstances can be arranged.


tsavoie, thanks for that information - it's nice to read first hand experience re your son's staying at the Bresario. I do recall reading about it, as well as some apartment called The Cynthia and another The Ronny (sp?) ... if anyone else has seen these places, or others, etc., I hope you'll post or use the private message function.


It's always tough when people are asked to stay but there's no residential program that is quite set up for their age group. The J & W plan sounds as though it could be a good one for an older student.

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