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Hi there, from hi there! My daughter will be moving there next week after her final exams are complete. Thanks for the info, I was especially concerned about the leotards. I heard back from Mrs. Villella who gave me the name of the dance store, we will run by there and get fitted when we get into town. She is moving from Dallas, and is very excited to be dancing at MCBS! Are your Adv I and IIs both girls? Wow, what an amazing family you must have! Still searching for a place, but getting it narrowed down quickly, it's hard to find a reasonably priced place at the beach!

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Sorry, I only just saw your reply. Usually they are emailed to me automatically, but this one was not. My dd is in Advanced I, and my ds is in Advanced II. My dd told me there was a new gril in her class this week from TX, but she has not met her yet, so I told her to go and introduce herself. Did you find housing? If you need anything just ask.

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I am a 16 year old attending the MCBS summer intensive this year. Even now, before I have arrived at the program, I know that I want to be evaluated for a position in the year-round program. Would it be best if I wait until the first couple of weeks has passed to ask to be evaluated? Or does the timing matter at all? Also, I was wondering if I should schedule a meeting with Linda Vilella or perhaps just write a note? All silly little details, but I'm just looking for a little guidance for smooth sailing!


Thanks to any who reply!

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danceyourdreams, on Miami's website it states that 15 year olds and up should contact the school regarding auditions. They only list dates (one during their summer program) for dancers age 7-14. I would definately call and ask! From previous posts the school is very friendly. Good Luck!!!

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Lots of questions. :) I would be interested in hearing from anyone with a DD who spent the last year there and what they thought of attending high school and what they thought of the new residence hall. What is the average class size at the high school and also in the upper levels of the dance school? How is supervision there? What is it like attending the school year round? Where have recent graduates gone?


My DD was accepted but did not attend the summer session last year and is planning to consider it again. Now she is also curious about the winter term. She will be 16 by the summer.

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My 16 year old DD has been a residential student in the winter program since August. We are very happy with the training she has received and with the residence hall. I can not comment on the local High School because my daughter is home schooled. However, 2 of her roommates are juniors at the high school and seem to be happy.


The residence hall is very nice. It is 2 blocks from the ballet in a safe area of South Beach. The students live in newly renovated furnished apartments that are very nice and what I consider safe. They have a residence hall director who is responsible for curfew checks, etc. My daughter has never felt unsafe. The students walk to and from the Ballet and Miami Beach Senior High. It is all within a few blocks radius.


If you have specific questions, I suggest contacting Linda Villella. She is very helpful.

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The school recently announced year-round audition dates and I thought everyone on here should know!


[Long list of information removed because it should be easily available on their website.]


Side note: I also really appreciate how informative and up to date Miami City Ballet in general is: they are always posting youtube videos, etc. that not only give dancers a sense of the school/company but also take ballet to the public.

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Victoria Leigh

Thank you, allegrogirl, but I removed the long list of information. If we posted lists like that from every school it would take up half the board's available space! :unsure:

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Hi I was wondering if anybody knows how good the academic high schools are? How do students usually get to the high school and the Miami City Ballet studios from the residence? How safe is the general area where the school and residence is located?

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Does anyone know if MCBS has apprentices or trainees this year? Is there a level between Advanced I and the company?

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Does some one have some recent info about the school? How are the teachers,

classes and what is the style? I was thinking it may bee a bit balanchine...?

Would love to hear about some personal experiences with the school


Thanks :)

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How long does it take them to reply after one sent a dvd for auditioning?

I am applying for the year, don't know if that makes a diference...

I sent it the beg. of may...


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Anyone currently at MCB that can give us an update regarding changes in the school, if any, since the change in leadership?

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