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DVD/Videos: home practice?

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I have a few of the Finis Jhung videos (Barre 1, Barre 2, and Centerwork 2) and have found them to be EXTREMELY helpful. The only complaint I have about them is that before each exercise, he explains how to do it... which is helpful, but disrupts the flow of your workout. His tips have really helped me improve my technique and it is a wonderful series for people who want to practice at home. I'm currently looking for others, just to get a bit of differentiation, but I love the ones I have by him and highly recommend them.

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I am currently taking ballet and pointe classes but will be unable to take class this summer because it will not be offered until later in the season, when I will be out of the country. Therefore, I am looking for DVDs that provide good instruction and exercises (at least, as good as you can get without having hands-on guidance) for both ballet and pointe. Have you used any DVDs, and, if so, what have you liked or disliked about them? Do you recommend any DVDs in particular, or do you have any other recommendations for maintaining and developing pointe and ballet skills during the summer?


Thank you very much for your help!

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Hi Daydreamer-

I merged this topic with the existing one we have on DVDs for home practice. Read back through the pages & I'm sure you'll find several possibilities!

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Hi Daydreamer-

I merged this topic with the existing one we have on DVDs for home practice. Read back through the pages & I'm sure you'll find several possibilities!


Thank you so much, Clara! This is great!


I have narrowed down my search a bit and see that some of you have experience with some of these. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share. As you know, most of these cost quite a bit, so I should limit myself to one ballet and one pointe DVD. Any help I can get in deciding would be great! And feel free to suggest other DVDs.



David Howard - Master Class I or II

- Ballet Class for Beginners

- Ballet Class: Intermediate & Advanced

- A Dancer's Class

(I see that many additional David Howard classes are available from DanceClassMusic, so if you recommend another, please share!)

Finis Jhung - Barrework Level I or II

- Centrework Level I or II



Bob Rizzo: To the Pointe!

Finis Jhung - The Art of Pointework, Level I

- Classic Classes 1: Advanced Beginning/Intermediate Pointe Class

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Sorry, I have one additional question: What is the general opinion about Dmitri Roudnev's DVDs? They have good Amazon reviews, but I would be interested in hearing your experience with/thoughts on these DVDs.


Thank you, again, for all your help!

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You may also consider the Dreas REynake Pilates DVD

Dynamic 5th with the students of teh Royal Ballet

and Turning out Dancers with Royal Ballet principals Ed Watson and Tamara Rojo (and two other dancers also, iirc)





While these are pilates dvds, the exercises are very ballet-centric and are to help improve your and coordination needed for ballet.


Highly recommended.



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