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Help I don't have the righ tbody type!

Guest Miss_Dance_A_Lot

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Guest Miss_Dance_A_Lot

Ok. I have always been small and stringy for my age. Perfect for ballet. But recently I grew a slight chest, if you get my drift. I am wondering if there are any healthy ways to slim down once more . . . please help if you can! :)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


Now, if you've grown a "slight" chest, there is no reason to slim down from that. There is no problem. If, however, you've gone from a 32AA to a 42EE, that's not slight.


We don't do "diets" here. That's something that you have to set up with your physician and a registered dietician (aka "nutritionist"). Check the stickies at the top of the Nutrition and Health forum for nutrition information.

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Ballet training in general may help to make your bust appear more compact- your chest musculature will get firmer thus making what is attached to it look firmer- plus the low amount of body fat opposed to muscle mass most dancers have makes the chest appear to be smaller too. If it bothers you you can wear leos with underwire bras and more support which will make it appear more flat too.

Dieting or a healthy nutrition will not have that much effect on chest size IMHO - and you are fine as long as your chest is not excessively large (say cup sizes DD, say EE) and you aim for a pro career. With a cup size A,B,C you should be fine. No need to worry about that. Many professional dancers have a B or C size. A slight chest is pretty normal- even for a pro dancer- and isnt it beautiful to look more feminine? :) (you dont want to look like a child all your life??)

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Guest Miss_Dance_A_Lot

Ok, I understand. I am a cup A but compared to the other girls I have classes with I just feel out of place. Thank you!

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Uhm, an A cup is no big deal. I have a smaller C or large B and don't worry about it effecting my career much. I wouldn't worry about an A at all!

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Yeah, I'm slightly more "curvy" than a lot of the dancers in my classes, but you have to put everything in perspective - I'm sure I'm bigger than you, and I'm relatively small compared to people I see in school. Of course, they're not dancers, but I agree that it looks better to be slightly filled out. Otherwise on stage you can look almost emaciated.

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I agree with aletheia: I am considered to have the ideal "dancers body" (from head to waist at least - my hips are a little stronger than average but who cares- as long as it does not disturb the esthetics of dancing, who needs the boyish "balanchine body"???) and I too wear an A which on stage in boned costumes appears to be almost flat.

I know many professional dancers who have a B or C and on stage still it does not really show. In fact it adds a little more of a feminine look which is beautiful.

With an "A" you are absolutely fine. Do not worry.

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