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Online Videos: Polina Semionova

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I found this German (?) music video on an internet site. The dancer is sooooo beautiful!! Does anyone know who she is? Wow!

The music is really lovely too. Check it out:


beautiful dancer

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No idea who she is but she's certainly lovely to watch. For her pointe work is that an example of lifting out of your shoes? :o

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Thanks for solving the mystery for me! I knew someone here would know who she was right away! :wink:


She is really special isn't she? Amazing how she can look so STUNNING in sweatpants!


Shadow :)

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knock Knock


Thank you so much for posting that video! I watched it right away four times in a row. She is a beautiful dancer!

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Marga, I love this part of the article you found....


"But a ballet career did not always seem to be in the stars for Semionova. At 8 years old, she dreamed of attending the famous Bolshoi Academy and prayed that she would get in but was rejected after her first audition. Since her brother, Dmitry (who is currently with The Kirov Ballet,) was accepted, Semionova's family encouraged her to keep trying. One year later, she was accepted into a preparatory class and two years later, she was enrolled in the academy."



Very inspirational!

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DD had found that clip several months ago and showed me. The dancer is exquisite. DD now uses that "over-the-shoulder" shot as her screensaver. The illumination and joy in the dancer's smiling eyes are simply breathtaking.

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That is so beautiful, I have watched it over and over again. Any German speakers out there who can give us the gist of what the song is about? Is the singer a popular German singer?

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Yes, his name is Herbert Groenemeyer and he has released many albums. I don't speak German, but lyrics to his songs are available online if you care to do some searching.

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Guest afroballet01

I took out the translation I gave since shulie has posted a MUCH better translation of the song on page 2.

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