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Online Videos: Polina Semionova

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Mrs. Stahlbaum

Thanks for the (long) translation. I actually was only curious about the general theme of the song, but I laughed when I read "I'll tell you all my pin numbers". Ahh, modern romance.....

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Lovely dancer! I sent it to our dance teacher. She always talks about dancers who can do simple movements but make them have meaning and expression as a way to encourage emotion in our dancers. She was a testament that it's not what you do (this was pretty simple steps in the scheme of things) it's how you do them!



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Online translations kind of remind me of Pedro Carolinho's classic English as she is Spoke. Carolinho was a Brazilian who spoke no English, but he decided to write a book of "useful phraseologys" for travelers. He didn't speak French, either but he used a Portuguese/French dictionary to translate handy travelers' sentences, then used a French/English dictionary to finish the job.


Interesting chapters include "For to Cut the Hairs" and "At the Hepatic Steadyness" (livery stable). Memorable phrases include "The dog than bark, not bite," and "To craunch the marmoset." (I have no idea!)

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Those google translations are so bad :):blink:


Herbert Grönemeyer indeed is a very popular singer and actor in Germany- I do not like his style (his voice is so harsh) but love the "Demo" video.

The song was dedicated to Grönemeyer`s second wife and is a first expression of hope and love after his first wife passed away from cancer a few years ago .


It is like most of his songs a little surrealistic - still the translation is bad.

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Tried to give a little better translation of the song:




Who knows how often a heart can break?

How many senses does illusion have?

Do feelings pay?

How many tears do fit into one river?

Will we be reborn?

Why do we wake up again?

What does time heal?


I am your 7th sense

your safety net

your alter ego


You are a wise prognosis

the principle of hope

a light from the darkness

Some day I will find and love you.


I am one of your colors

you may choose me

you may wear me

you may bleach me.

I am going to tell you all my pin numbers :)

Am going to envision your most crazy dreams for you

going to tell you about things I do not even know.


I am your 7th sense

your safety net

your alter ego


You are a wise prognosis

the principle of hope

a light from the darkness

Some day I will find and love you.


Life runs red in your veins

I am going to serve it to you on a golden tray.

You get me out of my gray valley of tears

You let all miracles happen at once

making me lose all my senses.


I am your 7th sense

your safety net

your alter ego

your favorite color

your most racy car

your most deep dive

your gliding flight


You are a wise prognosis

the principle of hope

a light from the darkness


I will find you and love you more than myself.

Some day I will find you- or find you not.

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I love that video. I"ve seen it before and it is more gorgeous everytime I see it! So talented. She looks weightless.

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Ya'll were reading dd and my minds. Thank you. I was just going to ask if someone had the translation.

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I couldn't get the link to work for the video anymore (maybe I went there too much.) Anyway if others can't get it either here's another link. http://portal.herbert-groenemeyer.de/videos/demo.rm


Also Shulie or anyone else, I see that "Demo" is listed on the Mensch Live DVD. Is this the music video that we've been watching or is it from the concert? I'd sure like to own the video. I've found another way to dance vicariously. Plus dd would like to learn this eventually. Here's the link for the dvd. I don't know if I can get it in the US but maybe this tells whether its the music video. I can only pick out a word or two. Shulie- help! http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000...1254764-5409334

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The Mensch Live is 2 cds- one is a recording of several live concerts and the 2nd cd must be a bonus cd with all the music videos includig "Demo". I do not own the DVD set as I am not the biggest fan of Grönemeyer but I am almost sure from what is written at amazon.de that the music video of Demo is included.

Have tried to find a DVD with only the video so you would not have to buy the whole DVD set but could only find the song itself without the music video. http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...2341128-7197563


Guess the video is available on the Mensch Live 2 DVD set only. Amazon.de according to their website should ship internationally for an increased shipment fee- american amazon unfortunately does not sell the Mensch Live.


Let me know if you need further help!


Shulie :wub:

(vicarious: and :(:D on starting ballet lessons!!! Wonderful!

I always tried to convince my mum to take ballet but it did not work yet... :angry: )

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I don't know her height but we can see from her pictures on the internet that she is quite tall. Below is a link to some review excerpts which address her physical attributes, some of which pertain directly to her height.


Mini reviews of Polina Semionova

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Okay, I did a little research and found out from the director of the video that Polina danced in that she is about his height. 5'7"

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