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Online Videos: Polina Semionova

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The link to the aforementioned video is simply of the singer singing - nothing of our dancer. Is this the case for anyone else?

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It won't play for me at all. :)

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I wish I could just purchase this clip on a DVD somewhere. I want to show it to several folks who do not own computers (gads - imagine that!), but I cannot find any place that has just this clip for sale. I love both the music and the dancing.

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Sorry if that Polina/Vladimir link isn't working for everyone. You can try going to the Staatsballett Berlin website (which is where I found it) and follow these steps:


Staatsballett Berlin Website

Click on "Service", then click on "Ballettshop"

You will see a list of DVDs. The 1st DVD listed says "Vladimir Malakhov" and has 3 selections you can click on to see samples. The 3rd selection is the clip of Polina.


Hope this works for everyone. :dry:

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Amy's mom,


This link does work, but the clip is different than the one we are trying to access (unless I am missing something). We're trying to access one that is a beautiful ballad being sung by a fellow. That is the accompaniment to Polina's beautiful dance.

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OK, Mini cooper. It was unclear to me which clip was being referred to, so I posted again in case it was mine. The link that Vicarious posted on Sept 27 (pg 3 of this tread) works fine for me in accessing the video you are looking for.

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Guest dancergirl

Thank you very much for your translation.I can understand the feelings of the dance better now.Loves...


"Some day I will find and love you.

I will find you and love you more than myself.

Some day I will find you- or find you not."

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Neither will work for me! :)

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