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Online Videos: Polina Semionova

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Tiny Dancer

This is very beautiful! California Ballet in San diego CA was the first to showcase Polina in the US and we were very pleased to be able to attend the performance. What a treat it was and how very nice to see this clip!

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Thank you so much for posting this link! I love all the videos. Does anyone know what ballet the second clip is from? I really like the music but I wasn't able to place it. :)

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ooh! if you go to the root site: http://www.videobalet.net/ the second link down is of Ekaterina Shipulina! I absolutely love her! Shes one of my favorite dancers! im excited. :ermm: Thanks so much for the link Amy's mom!

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Wow, I am in awe of all of those dancers! I have heard most of their names before, but to see a clip of them dancing was indredible! Thanks!!

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Oh no! It says that the link does not work anymore! Does anyone know another place to see this amazing video? I have watched it so many times :D It would be really aweful if there was no longer any way to see it. :cool2:

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Several posters on YouTube.com have put the Polina Video on that website. Here's a link to one of them:


YouTube also has other videos of Polina. Just type "Polina ballet" in Youtube's browser and you should be able to find them. :ermm:

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Oh my goodness!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! I love that video! :ermm:

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Amy's Mom... the video you posted from YouTube is choppy and the audio doesn't match up with the video. Just to let everybody know.

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Actually, it works fine for me. I would suspect if it's choppy for you, it is probably due to your internet connection speed. Also, I have found many times that if I let internet videos load completely (they will stop from time to time while they are loading), then go back and play them again, they play through without the choppiness the second time. Give it a try and see if that works for you. :flowers:

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