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The Hartt School

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My daughter will be returning from CPYB at the end of the month, she will be 14 in August and was placed in the highest level at our former school. We will be checking out the Hartt School, the week following her return.


We are looking forward to seeing what Hartt's pre-professional program will be like. Unfortuanately it looks like they will be preparing for a show during that time so she might feel a little out of place. Will she be able to get a sense of what to expect from the school year program if she attends a day of classes the 1st week in August?


If anyone else has any suggestions for schools in Connecticut for serious young ballet dancers - that would really be a help too. We're a little lost here right now to be honest. We live between New Haven and Hartford.



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I don't know where you are located in CT but there is Nutmeg in Torrington. Eastern Ballet in Old Lyme. Stamford Ballet in Stamford, New Haven Ballet.

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Guest DelBocaVista

Aliask1, my daughter attends The Hartt School. This is will be her 3rd year there and she is very happy. We feel the training is the best available in Connecticut. Dancers are placed in levels according to ability. I do not think your daughter will feel out of place. She will be able to experience what a technique and pointe class are like at Hartt. Regular class time is not used for performance rehearsal time during the regular school year so I imagine summer is treated the same way. My daughter is away at an SI, so I am not sure what the schedule is right now. I am sure you will be able to meet with the director, Susan Brooker, and hopefully your daughter will be taking class from her during her visit. The teachers are all first rate and we would not consider going anywhere else! By the way, my daughter will be a senior in high school in case you were wondering what her age was.


Good luck and please give this school your consideration!

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I wasn't aware that the Hartt School has a pre professional school. My dd is also going to be a senior this year, and we are going to look at the Hartt School when they are back in session, so she can observe class.We also live in Ct., and my dd doesn't really want to go to far away for college, so we thought that we take a look there.

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Guest DelBocaVista

Mygurl, yes, The Hartt School Community Division has a pre-pro division. It is called the Intensive Program. The history of the school is it originally was School of the Hartford Ballet, then Dance Connecticut and now the Hartt School has taken on the dance school. Hartt is going into their third year. The studios are the same as the Hartt School, University of Hartford BFA program in dance. The BFA's use the studios during the day and the Community Division uses them starting at 4pm. Some of the same teachers teach both the BFA students and the Community Division students.


If you wish, when you and your daughter visit the school, she may take class rather than just observe. If you contact the school they would be happy to set this up.


Your daughter would get exposure to the BFA students and the director of the BFA program, Dennis Price, if she is a student in the pre-pro levels. He sometimes works with the pre-pro dancers and choreographs for them.

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Thank you so much for the information. Unfortunately, we live in southern litchfield co., and it is too far to commute. We are interested for the BFA, but we figure that we would have to wait until school resumes in order to observe/take class. We have already inquired about a campus tour, etc. Is it true that the Hartt School is separate from the U. of Hartford, a different location. When Hartt took over from the previous dance schools, did all staff and instructors change?

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Guest DelBocaVista

Mygurl, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding! To answer some of your questions, The Hartt School itself is located at the University of Hartford campus. The Hartt School covers Dance, Music, Theatre and Voice Departments. The dance studios are located off campus in Hartford a few minutes away from the campus. There is a shuttle that drives dancers to and from campus. Academic classes are located on campus. Some dancers have their own cars and drive themselves to and from the studios. I am not sure if the shuttles are just for students who live on campus. Seems to me that academic classes are in the morning for dancers because they always seem to be at the studios in the afternoons.


When Hartt Community Division took over the dance school (intensive and general programs) as far as I know the teachers stayed the same. My daughter starting attending the school the first year that Hartt Community Division took it over. Some teachers have been added but I believe most have stayed the same. The same with the BFA program, the teachers are the same and some teachers do both Community Division and BFA instruction.


I am not sure how they handle observing or taking class for the BFA program, I had thought you were asking about the intensive division. I know before long, audition time will be here for the BFA program!


I hope that I have been able to help you with some of your questions. :offtopic:


It also just occured to me that this post might get moved because it really pertains more to the University Programs. If so I apologize in advance to the Moderators for creating work for them!

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I'm interested in Hartt, but my parents are concerned about the safety of that area of Hartford. Anyone have any information on this?



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It's fine. Any city has safety problems these days. The Hartt Dance & Opera Center is well secured at the parking lot, rear, and front entrances. The whole time I danced there, nothing ever happened. No one is there late enough for there to be a problem, and the security guards don't leave until every one else has. I'm going back next year. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

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Any feedback for the prepro version of this school? I heard the school lost their AD.

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