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Ballet Talk for Dancers

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Though I don't know anything about U of Fl's dance's program, let me know if you want more info on becoming a "Gator!" :wacko: I got my undergraduate degree from this school (BS in Civil Engineering) and loved going there, and have many fond memories & lasting friendships.


The school is esp. a great place if you're unsure of what you want to major in bec. of the (very) large offerings in programs and post-grad opportunities. (i.e., strong programs in business, accounting, performing arts, journalism, engineering, science, liberal arts, etc.; post grad schools in law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, business, pharmacy, engineering, etc.)


Really a very good choice, esp. if you want to remain in the southeastern U.S.


Mari, aka "gogators" :)

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I wondered if gogators was UF alumni! I also went to UF both undergraduate and graduate school. The program would be great for a minor but is mostly modern based. The teachers are well versed in ballet, several are retired ballet dancers but there really aren't enough students to fill advanced level classes. I had so many dance classes that I was surprised that I didn't get more questions on it when I interviewed for jobs. It's a very good school and Gainesville is a fun town.


There are also a couple of other places where you can take class. SantaFe CC is run by a wonderful teacher, Alora Haynes and she is always bringing in lots of teachers and they have alot of performing opportunities. It used to be that you could pick up dance classes there and be enrolled at UF. You need a car though it's quite a distance between the 2 at least in Gainesville terms.


They also have a small professional company called Dance Alive and a school associated with it. They sometime fill the corp with dancers from the colleges.

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what about dancing in the commuity in Gainesville, like Dance Alive - anyone done that?? Is it possible to go to UF and have time to dance professionally??

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Kim Tuttle one of the artistic directors of Dance Alive would be who you would need to contact. She actually has a break between company class and reheasals so that students can do to school and be part of her productions. There have been many of her dancers who have gone to school full time and danced.

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Hey everyone- it looks like the question has been asked, but maybe some new eyes will read this.. Does anyone know anything about the dance program? Reputation? Double majors allowed/possible? Any information at all would be great. Thanks :wacko:

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