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100 percent, sure, but be aware that especially with a young child, allowing them to get themselves into a mindset of "I must push HARRRD every day" can backfire. A tense mind can translate into tense dancing. I would really encourage her to just enjoy and love the dancing, and not focus on the whole year-round issue (because i think you've said before she's got good training where she is now and doesn't necessarily need to leave).

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I'm not pushing-- trust me! This is from her; she's very intense. It's her personality. She is the poster child for type A. She puts everything into her dreams. I wish I had her drive and focus at her age-- she amazes me! She's been asking me questions about the whole process etc... and I'm trying to find out. You should see her SI binder. She has her letters, applications, and information organized. She's read and highlighted the pamphlets etc... She's asked me no less than 1/2 dozen times when she'll get the complete information for UBA. She's made packing lists and lists of supplies.


Part of the reason we're asking is we recently found out we're moving to another state-- and I haven't found a comparable school in the new state yet. We both love her current ballet school and we're very sad to be leaving :(


UBA seems to offer the classes and schedule we're accustomed to


We're looking into a residental program more than I would at her age due to the pending move. I've also written (it feels like) every ballet school in the new state.

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Moderator moved these questions about the year-round program from the SI forum:




I'm attending the UBA SI this year, and VERY interested in the Year- Round Program. Would anyone mind answering some questions I have? Here is my long list :D I'm sorry, they're in a pretty random order.


1. How many students do they invite usually (for the YR program)?


2. Are invitations to the YR based on: a. hardwork b. exceptional technique? I'm an OK dancer and I work pretty hard, but I definately DO NOT have exeptional technique.


. . . .


That's all I can think of right now. I'll ad more later if I need to. A reply would be greatly appreciated!




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I think my kid is currently the one whose been at UBA longer than any other currently in the year-round program. Graduation is this May. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BALLET. I'm the parent that crawled under the rock and cried for the first few years in total fear of the whole ballet world and also out of total pain that my twelve year old couldn't wait to leave home to be with his "species". Things have worked out, much to my amazement. This is the limited insight I can offer: Don't believe the brochure. It is generic. The brochures once read (and might still read, for all I know) that the year-round program is for twelve year old students that are rising seventh graders. My child was offered a place at age eleven while going into the fifth grade. HE WAS NOT THE FIRST CHOICE THAT SUMMER. THE OFFER DID NOT INCLUDE A SCHOLARSHIP--at least, not that we knew. My child did not attend that first summer with any financial aid/scholarship whatsoever. The offer came during the program. We turned down that offer. My child auditioned for the next summer intensive and did receive a full scholarship but not acceptance to the year-round program. We called and wrote letters and did everything we could think to do with regards to the year-round program because we had decided to accept an offer this time, if given one. No one returned telephone calls or kept appointments. The child was awarded a full summer scholarship but had to attend in order to be eligible for the possiblitiy of a year-round spot. (Please understand, we live in the state listed as 49th in quality of public education. Our child attended a private school. We had to either pay for the coming year in full or give up the spot in the private school. We were scared and desperate. UBA--or The Kirov--wanted to see the child again that summer before committing a place in the year-round program. We gave up the spot in the private school and prayed.) Hard work does pay off. Serious work ethic is noticed. Potential. potential, potential. Technique was behind but effort was 100%. The child was asked to stay--thank God (though we also had the child attend the National Ballet School in Toronto where he was also accepted--without scholarship--they don't have merit scholarships, especially not to foreigners). We never asked for a scholarship to UBA. We were just hoping and praying for a letter of acceptance. It didn't come until the very end of the second session. (This was the first year that UBA had two sessions.) We bit fingernails down to the bone. When the offer came, it automatically included a partial scholarship. We never even asked. Since then, there is an absolutely terrible day each spring--ballet exams. I think scholarships for the coming year are discussed by the faculty at that time. (I could be wrong, but all the students seem to know that "everything" is on the "line". The scholarship our child was offered increased with proficiency, but I don't know if that was the measure looked at by the teachers! Over the past six years, I've heard story after story. This is the commom denominator: NOTHING. Each tale is uniquely different. Each dancer is uniquely different. Advise: Artifical fingernails. They are easier to bite.



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National Ballet School in Toronto where he was also accepted--without scholarship--they don't have merit scholarships, especially not to foreigners

I feel compelled to note that this is not correct. Perhaps in the past it was, but it is not now.

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It is wonderful to hear that the National School of Ballet in Toronto may now be offering scholarships. They weren't six years ago. I begged to pay the same rate as the Canadian kids. I begged for anything. I asked question after question about the possiblity of future financial aid, scholarship, anything. They offered nothing, except a scholarship to a single, senior classmember. We were not the only people who had to select another pre-professional school because of this. That year another CANADIAN boy (now at ABT) also came to The Kirov because NSB couldn't give him a scholarship either. The year before our child started at the Kirov, another boy's parent had applied to NSB; their son was accepted; they were told that there were no scholarships either. Our path would have been very different had there been a scholarship offer or even the potential of one in coming years. I thought NSB was absolutely a fabulous place. I have relatives in Toronto. We appreciated the opportunities for students to be selected for the company's Nutcracker productions. We were impressed that ballet history and art appreciation were required courses. At the time, The Kirov didn't teach ballet history. I am totally thrilled that Ms. Tomalonis now teaches at UBA. Mere words cannot do her justice! She is definitely one of UBA greatest assets!


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Mouse, or anyone else with knowledge of UBA - I am curious as to how much the UBA scholarship would have to be given to a Canadian dancer which would make UBA more affordable than NBS?? I am thinking at least half to full tuition?? From my experience, tuition and room and board at Canadian ballet schools for Canadians are still about half of what it would cost to send our children to UBA. Is this correct? :(

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According to the info I have:

Full tuition (including room and board) for the year-round program at UBA would be $30,373 U.S. (approx. $35,448 CAD) Including administration fees and dorm damage deposit.


Full tuition for year-round at NBS for Canadians is $13,338 CAD (approx. $11,428 U.S.) for grades 9-12 and $12,586 CAD ($10,723 U.S.) for grades 6-8. For Non-Canadians (Visa Students) it is $27,396 CAD ($23,472 U.S.) for grades 9-12 and $24,840 ($21,282 U.S.) for grades 6-8.


These figures do not include summer programs.


Hope that helps! :wub:

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:wub: Thank you dancetaxi! That is what we approximately pay here in Ontario for DS's full-year ballet studies, therefore, to make it anywhere near affordable to send my DS to UBA (not in the works), he would require a hefty scholarship.
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As I said before, my information is six years old. At that time, yes, NBS cost less than half the cost of the Kirov (UBA) for Canadians. At that time, yes, the cost for a foreigner was within a few hundred dollars (depending on the currency exchange) when comparing the two schools. AT THAT TIME, we were told that there were absolutely NO SCHOLARSHIPS to NBS for either Canadians or foreigners (with a single exception to one senior student). The Canadian student I referred to was offered a 100% scholarship for the Kirov (UBA). At least that's what his mother said. Considering the student and his other major offer at the time, I have no reason to doubt this. Our conversation was very, very positive. It centered around how wonderful BOTH schools were. We both concluded that we were in a win-win situation. Looking back, however, I know both boys feel they made the right decision--scholarship or not. UBA has been absolutely wonderful for my child. We did pay for the first summer in full. My child had to audition again for the second summer. He did receive the second summer with a full scholarship but was not invited to stay at the year round program until the summer session was nearly over. He then received a partial scholarship for the year-round program without us even asking. I'm writing because this thread posed a question (several posts back) about how UBA asks students to the year-round program. This was our experience, but just about every situation seems to be different. In a sense, it's nice. All dancers are unique. Each of the experiences of which I've heard is also uniquely different, just like the dancers. This might not help those looking for concrete answers as to the policies and decisions made at UBA. However, if one's situation isn't unfolding in an "expected" way, try not to worry! At UBA the "unexpected" seems to happen often!


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Guest Kirena

They have ballet exams every spring....... my ballet teacher (who graduated from UBA) told me that if you didn't get a B- or higher, you got assesed out. Is it true now?

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Kirena, I don't think that's true at all. There are quite a few dancers in my class from past years who got less than a B- on their exams last year who are still here at this time. It may or may not affect whether they are moved up or not, though if they considerably improve in the fourth quarter, they might still progress throught the levels. We were informed that in general, the Spring Performance had more of an effect on our placement and such there than exams, though of course there are exceptions. I don't think there is any solid rule concerning whether a student can stay or not based on any specific ballet exam grade.

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I don't think that's true either! As I mentioned earlier, each dancer is unique. Each situation is unique. Some dancers might blame a low ballet exam as a reason he/she was not invited to return to UBA; but, I don't think ONE single thing contributes to such a decision. I really don't know; but, I haven't heard any such worries from students. I'm not at the school, except for performances; but I talk frequently with my child and have done so over the past six years. The ballet exam is a very intense time of the year. The week or so right before the ballet exams is also quite nerve-wracking. Still, I've not heard my child say that poorer than expected performance marks would end the training at the academy.


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News note: The name of the school has been officially changed back to the Kirov Academy of Ballet, effective immediately. I've changed the name of the forum, and I've put up a notice with a link to this forum under Universal Ballet Academy.

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My daughter is going to be thrilled with the news (she's already in DC, just waiting to check in tomorrow). I am just curious about any other changes that will result from this change of name -- are there any changes that you know of that you can tell us about?

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