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My daughter speaks highly of both of the following schools, so I will try to characterize a few things, accentuate the positives, and throw in a few general perspectives.


Harid - Academics - is associated with a local Public High School, a large public high school, that the kids bus to each a.m. - staying for four academic periods, and then returning to Harid for lunch. Daughter had same ratio of very good to not quite so good classes as she probably would have had at home. (Overall we were quite satisfied academically). Principal seemed committed to relationship with Harid and Harid actively cultivates understanding of the teachers by inviting them over for an open class. Dorm supervisors will take kids out to pick up the wierd things they need for science and other projects. The kids are not on campus enough to make friendships or participate in school activities, generally. Although they definitely went in style to the prom, and my daughter attended some football games, etc.


Dorms and general facilities are very nice, built in the 80's, air conditioned, etc. I don't know how rooms work if they are ever used as a triple, but for the normal double they are very spacious for a dorm room, with full bathroom in each. Rules and supervision are quite strict. Curfews; lights out; zero tolerance, etc. etc.


The year round program is quite small 35 - 50 students; three levels; one main teacher for technique all year for that level. Smallness brings its usual spectrum of pros and cons. I am not qualified to comment on the quality of instruction, but it is generally very highly regarded (and my daughter felt she received excellent instruction). Vaganova. Summer program is the audition. Part time teachers for character and modern. Guest choreographer(s).


The school has some planned activities, and takes them to performances in the region (Miami etc) to see various ballet companies (nearby or on tour). To a great extent the kids make their own fun off-hours. The dorm staff will usually get them shopping, to the mall, a movie, the beach etc. in small of larger groups, depending. Boca Raton is a ritzy little town; and the kids can also go walking off-campus in two's if they have signed out. Starbucks in within a long walk. ;) The dorm staff/kids organize various fun boarding-school type things for various holidays.


Ah -- tuition free, but room and board $8000 or so - you'd need to check current fees. They are all privately funded. One can apply for additional financial aid.


Time to prep dinner, so stay tuned for Syr's thumbnail sketch of NCSA




**If it seems odd for this post to be the lead in here: this particular post was split off from a more general (and older) thread and merged by a Moderator into this Harid thread due to the good information about Harid.

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Guest SMSCouture

My daughter was at Harid 3 summers ago and we were considering her attending Harid all year round. We live in Boca and are familiar with the High School the kids attend. Although Spanish River enjoys a good reputation for their honors program, the information I was able to uncover led me to believe that the Harid kids were not recieving a top knotch education and many times ended up short credits to graduate. Many of the kids I was told did not do very well last year. The dance program is wonderful but limited in style. Seriously, the girls are very very thin...please fill in the blanks. The summer program gives the kids much more freedom along those lines.

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Hello! I am a student who has been to Harid for the past two years and will be graduating from there at the end of this school year. There was a topic around audition time and I posted a lot about what it is like there. I hope it helps!


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My dancer is returning to Harid for the third year. I want to assure you that Harid does take academics very seriously. Last year the students did do well. In the third quarter, April, the last results that I have available at the moment, there were twenty nine out of thirty two students on the honour roll. I feel those are very good results and demonstrates the dedication of the Harid students. They are required to maintain at least an 80% average and if this falls below expectations, they are placed on academic probation. For safety reasons, they are not allowed to walk to the mall, but the staff are very accomodating and will drive them wherever they need to go. They often go out in groups on the weekends for shopping, dinners, or just to gab at the coffee shop. Yes, Harid requires a lot of dedication and a lot is required of the kids, but they are also given wonderful training and treated well. If you have any more questions, please ask.

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thanks for the reassurrance about Harid's expectations and requirements for the students on the academic end. My daughter, an incoming sophomore, has accepted the invitation to come for the year. She had a very positive summer experience and is anxious to head down next week. Needless to say, this was one of the most stressful decisions we've ever had to make as a family. We know another student who has attended the Harid since her freshman year and her parents have very positive things to say about the program as a whole. I guess only time will tell if Harid is the right fit for my daughter and if she is the right fit for Harid.

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Our students are scheduled to dance from 12:45-6:00, 3 days a week, 12:45-5:00, 2 days a week one hour of music, dance history or nutrition/anatomy follows the dance classes. There is a ballet technique, then either a pointe, variations, partnering or men's class everyday. The remaining two hours are filled with repertoire/rehearsals. On Saturdays the students study either pilates, spanish, character or modern.


You will find sample schedules and a description of the courses on our website: http://www.harid.edu

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If you are accepted to Harid full time, do you have to live in the housing provided or can you live with family in the area?

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My understanding is you have to live on.

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At this time, all students enrolled in Harid live in the dormitory.

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Will Harid be hosting a workshop for dancers similar to the one they had last year that was open to non-Harid students. I would like my dd to attend that workshop if possible.



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Not sure about the summer but this was their info from last fall's workshops. I would imagine they will have another one next fall...



Workshop Series



2005 Sunday Workshop Series

For Dancers 12-15 Years of Age

(Minimum 2 years ballet training required)


Workshop I

September 18, 2005

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Ballet and pointe classes with Victoria Schneider

Modern class with Tara Mitton Catao


Workshop II

October 9, 2005

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Ballet and partnering classes with Olivier Pardina

Modern class with Tara Mitton Catao


Workshop III

October 30, 2005

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Ballet and pointe classes with Svetlana Osiyeva

Modern class with Tara Mitton Catao

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