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Does Harid have auditions mid year? Are there ever spots available starting in January?

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Please contact Gordon Wright at HARID. You may call HARID directly 561 977 2677 or email Janet Trivino. One never knows unless one tries. Ask to speak with Mr. Wright or that your email be passed along to Mr. Wright.

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Can students do a different homeschool program?  One that they have already been doing that is?

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When do Summer Intensive students find out if they’ve been admitted to the year round program? Is there a separate audition or application process?

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Selection for year round admittance is made during our summer program. The emails are sent out immediately following the summer course.

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Additional information
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No students enrolled at HARID must do Florida Virtual School.

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Is Harid currently in-person or virtual?  Would love to hear from parents or students.  Thanks!

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HARID is currently still virtual. They are hoping to return to campus for the 4th quarter at the end of March and they are planning to hold an in-person SI.

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@KitriDc.  My DD has talked about this but we don’t have anything firm from the school  as far as going back in March.  We were very excited to hear this information trying not to get our hopes up.  Our DD misses everyone very much. 
@fabulousparenthood -  For Summer I would call the school to get more firm information but what I’ve been told is that they very much want to have an in person summer.  

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@DDballetmother71 I guess our DD's are both current HARID students :)  My DD is a freshman so we haven't had the chance to meet anyone in person yet- hope we have the opportunity to meet soon! I'm sorry if I implied I had insider information. I do not. I was just speaking to conversations I had with staff that said the hope was to reopen for in-person instruction as soon as conditions improve, and that a 4th quarter return was under consideration. It is certainly not definite or even highly likely. I like to be hopeful, but I am not counting on it. Apologies again if I gave misleading information.

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@KitriDC  hey there. My DD is a Junior this year. I was excited to hear that maybe I had missed an email. 😬 But it’s really good to hear they are considering letting them come back. 😬🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏🤞🤞🤞🤞 

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For anyone following this topic on HARID's reopening for in-person instruction...

HARID just announced they will reopen for Juniors and Seniors for 4th quarter at the end of March. The school will reopen for all year round students in August 2021. I do not have direct info on the SI, but all info I have seen says they are planning on an in-person program.

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Is it possible to attend this school without living on campus?  

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Hi AspiringDancerMom2. I am 99% sure students are required to live on campus during a normal year (currently only junior/senior dancers are on campus and all other students are virtual due to Covid). I would contact Janet Trevino at HARID to confirm this will be the policy for next year or if Covid will allow for virtual training and/or off campus living arrangements.

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