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Thank you for your interest in HARID. At this time, students may not live off campus. Please do call Janet Trivino as recommended. She is a lovely person, filled with a rich history of this marvelous school.

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My daughter has been living in a ballet school in CT she is 15 and is a sophomore. Do you consider any kids if they are not able to make your summer program. Do you ever accept kids off of a visit to your school. I am wondering if there is more freedom for dancers in FL. 

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To be honest, in days of COVID we are all doing our best. If you are able to make a video, please submit it. Currently, our freshmen and sophomores are Zooming. Florida is a very open State, but COVID has put residential programs in a very difficult situation. 

HARID asks that all students attend our SI. It is a good idea for all, as a commitment for a year of study by a school and a student, is a big decision. Everyone needs to know it is the right fit. 

You may apply for admission without attending our SI, but that is at the director's discretion. 

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