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As of yet, we do not have a calendar for 2006-2007 however we have done the Workshop series for the 11 years I have been at Harid. It would seem odd not to do them next year. :thumbsup: We teachers do enjoy working with dancers from the community. Actually they come from near and far. Some drive down to Boca from as far away as the Tampa/St. Pete/ Orlando (and further) areas the night before, spend the night and do the series the next day. It is great fun and a learning experience for all. Family members and teachers are invited to watch all classes. :blink:

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Guest Beverly

Does anyone have anything to report about Harid seniors this year, what jobs they got and what universities they are going to? My daughter's reaching the age that we are beginning to think about residencies and I've been following the other links with interest. I was hoping someone might have an update about Harid. Thanks!

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I suggest you phone Harid to ask this question. :P

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Guest BackRowJoe
Does anyone have anything to report about Harid seniors this year, what jobs they got and what universities they are going to? My daughter's reaching the age that we are beginning to think about residencies and I've been following the other links with interest. I was hoping someone might have an update about Harid. Thanks!

I rarely post (only read) so I can't pm you with this information. :shrug: But if you can search my name, you'll figure out where my dd is going... :P


I guess it is inappropriate to comment on other students. :innocent: So I won't here. Give me another couple of years to get my post count up and I'll be glad to pm you. Oh yeah, it will be too late by then!! Sorry.

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Guest Beverly

I'm sorry. B) I do not want it to seem like I'm requesting secret information. It's just that Harid is one of the few schools that is so good about posting what all of their alumni are doing. http://www.harid.edu/alumni listing.htm

I just figured someone might be willing to update this info for 2006 since it will probably take some time to get it online.

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Harid will update the website when it is scheduled. There is no secret...people are on various, well deserved vacations prior to our SI. It is not my job to say one way or the other. Since it is recognized that Harid is professional in posting/publishing the successes of the graduating class, please allow Harid to do so when the powers that be are able to do so. Unless a graduating senior (or a family member) or an employee of Harid posts, until an official announcement is made, it is all hearsay! Sorry!


Thank you all for your interest. It is very encouraging that so many are interested. B) As I have said previously, one and all may phone to ask for the information!

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Guest BackRowJoe

I guess I'll take that as an ok to post. Besides, I noticed another thread in the pre-pro schools thread that is for posting where grads are going and from what schools.


Harid had 5 graduates this year.

1 attended Harid for 3 years

2 attended Harid for 2 years

2 attended Harid for 1 year


1 male, 4 females.

The male got a contract at Ballet Idaho.

Two of the females are going to Univ of Utah as dance performance majors.

One female going to college as non-ballet major.

One female going to a SI (hadn't yet decided between two programs as of graduation) with hopes of getting offer to stay and perhaps apprentice.


My dd was one of the students who attended for 2 years. She wishes she had gone for 3, because she missed the level one class and teacher (vrsfanatic) and she wishes she had had the benefit of spending a year with her. Some of the crucial foundation in the Vaganova method was probably missed and this made it more difficult for her to adjust following the mixture of ballet training she had had previously.


The school offers excellent training. But it is not affiliated with a company, and there is not an organic process that necessarily directs the students to any particular company. The students are free to audition wherever they chose, and are not penalized if they have to miss an occasional class for travel time. Also, Harid's Spring performance rehearsals were generally scheduled around the students' audition travel.


Bevery, I hope this gives you some of the information you wanted. I'm not really sure if it's anything new. This forum is so huge, I know I must miss a lot of information.

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Just The Facts, Our DS (15) attended the summer session is now settling into the year round program. Feel free to ask questions. However I will warn you I get alot of "things are great, i'm doing fine, schools good, I like the teachers.".......... etc. I try to manipulate more details, but we thoroughly trust the program, and find it to be fostering his passion. So we know in our hearts that for this moment he's where he's suppose to be.

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kat789, please refer to the Harid Conservatory website for further information.


Although two faculty members are certified by Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia to teach the Vaganova Academy, the school is not "strictly Vaganova". No American school, to my knowledge, is a "strictly Vaganova" school. The criteria for this classification is that all faculty members are working together to advance the students according to the Vaganova program. At the time I was receiving my cerification, the Vaganova Academy was requiring that all faculty members must be certified to teach Vaganova by the Vaganova Academy's teacher's methodology program. To my knowledge this has not changed.


Harid is a wonderful school that does offer quality training and many advantages to the student body.

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The fall 2006 Harid Newsletter states that of the class of 2006, a female student is pursuing further dance studies at the Houston Ballet Academy in hopes of being invited to join the company, two female students enrolled in dance at U of Utah, one female is attending Tulane, and one male is dancing professionally at Bellet Idaho. In the newsletter the students were identified. No other mention of any company apprenticeships or trainee or corps positions.

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