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The newsletter was just mailed out last week. I am sure once our Winter performances are over the Fall newsletter will be on the Internet. :D

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Approximately how many students from Harid's summer session are asked to stay for the year-round program? Also, what specific qualities is Harid looking for in prospective students?

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Have you had a chance to read the whole thread yet? I'm pretty sure these questions have been answered (to the extent possible) a couple of times. :thumbsup:

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Etoile, I guess it is my turn to be :D ! In the case of year-round residency schools, these questions often are asked and answered in the corresponding SI threads--as dancers get excited about going and staying. Such is the case here. Here is the Harid SI thread, which begins with discussions along the lines of your questions (and are scattered throughout the 10 pages):


Harid Summer Intensive

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Approximately how many students from Harid's summer session are asked to stay for the year-round program? Also, what specific qualities is Harid looking for in prospective students?



I check the summer program thread, and I am dizzy from reading, to be honest I could not find the answer to that question.

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OK I will try to answer but maybe vrs will tune in too.

I dont think there is a specific number in any year. I think they take dancers who they feel will fit the program.

Academically sound. Good work ethic. Good body type and facility for ballet. Great attitude in class.

First I think it depends on the openings they have and I dont think they make an offer to anyone who they do not think will fit the program wether they have openings or not. Some years have more spots and some have less. I think this year the graduating class is big but the 11th graders have a smaller class. I think it fluctuates from year to year.

Hope this helps.


OH and I dont know if I am right but I think the average class size can be about 10-15 and there are 3 levels.

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Thanks this is good information. So it not a set number for each Academic grade level? That was my first impression. X amount for 9grade, 10th,11th, 12th grade. And it would make sense they will only take the ones who would fit the program. Just curious what is the maxium total of students in the school at any given time?

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Thank you Memo for the great information. You are correct on mostly everything except that Harid has 4 levels of study, however only 3 ballet technique classes are offered a day. Due to the desired small student enrollment, the students who begin their studies at Harid in the 9th grade are offered a four year course of study (9th-12th) grade, while those who enter Harid after the 9th grade are offered less. This is one reason why graduating class size may fluctuate from year to year.


As for how large or small an academic class level may be is not something I keep track of since it has no bearing on the day to day inner workings of Harid. The various academic class size might be spread out between two levels of ballet technique levels. It is always a surprise at graduation to actually see the size of our academic classes since they are almost never grouped that way entirely in their dance classes.

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vrs are you saying that if they do not begin at Harid in 9th grade they do not graduate? Say someone comes in at 11th and 12th grade do they still graduate with a diploma or certificate from the Spanish River HS and the Harid Conservatory?

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A student is required to attend Harid Conservatory for the final two years of school in order to receive a certificate of completion. The Harid and Spanish River diplomas are issued to all graduating students of Harid.

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VRSFANATIC- Is it possible for a student to continue their current homeschooling program while attending Harid's yearround boarding program or is it mandatory that they attend SRHS?

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All students at Harid Conservatory attend academic school at a local high school. No one is currently being home schooled.

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I'm so bummed! I was going to audition for Harid, because i've heard it was a great school! But.....................I'm only in seventh grade. Apparently, you have to be in eight. :)

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