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Now that their new web site is up and running and new rules and guidlines have been established, everyone with a child ages 8-17 should check out this scholarship. Previously it was only for ages 11-14 and the scholarship amount was up to $10,000. The scholarship is available for any child as long as they complete the requirements.The scholarships can be used for anything your child has a passion for whether it is dance, karate or just to attend a summer camp.

My daughter #1 completed the program last year, it took her about 6 month, there were a lot of reading,essays to write and community service projects to do, but it paid off as she was the First place winner and was awarded a check and a lovely certificate from the Tiger Woods and Target Foundations to help her achieve her goal of becoming a professional dancer.

My daughter worked really hard on all the projects, but in our wildest dreams we didn't think she would get picked out of the thousands of deserving kids that apply yearly.

It is definately worth checking out!

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Guest Momof3

As I have been reading this and other boards, I am amazed at the amount of talented kids there are out in the dance world. I am also amazed at the amount of time and money being spent on summer dance programs.


As a mother of three girls, one who is in a competetive sport and the other are dancers, we have found through the years that family time, otherwise known as vacations are often restrictive or not at all. We often find it is hard to balance whom gets what and when.


This year the two dancers were accepted into summer programs and the other may be qualifying for an event in New York. Frankly, there is only so much money to go around. How does everyone else manage? Does everyone just go in debt? Any secrets to pass on?

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My secret is my car with 239,000 miles on it. My husband's has just over 200,000 miles. Our refrigerator is over 24 years old. I haven't replaced the dishwasher which broke over 2 years ago.


My husband works two jobs. Till this year, so did I.


Vacations are few and far between.


But it's really for a limited amount of time. We're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not complaining about the hardships because my children's interests, very different from each other, have enriched my life immeasurably. I've learned about all kinds of things in this world that I either never knew existed or never understood very well.


Compared to most of the world, my hardships are riches.

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Guest aballetmom

:) Well put Vagansmom! We all do without so that our children can do what they want! As with you, I too have learned things that I may never have had the chance to learn if not for my daughter being involved in dance at the level she is.

During the year we do without quite a bit to make sure my daughter gets to go to her summer intensives. Of course it is much easier for me as I only have the one child. I don't know how some of you with several children do it!


Our vacations, if we get to take one, now consist of going to get her from which ever summer program she attends. She gets to see the US and make friends that will last a life time ;) She may never get to have a car of her own, but that's one of the sacrifices one has to make. Dance has enriched my daughters life in so many way's too, isn't it cool? :cool:

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Welcome to the boards Mom of 3. I am also the Mom of 3. 2 are dancers.

Summer intensives can get quiet expensive. My oldest is 14 and this will be her 3 rd intensive.She has been lucky enough to go on scholarship to all 3. My younger one, age 12 is chomping at the bit to go this year. She did get accepted to Houston, ABT and PBT-but the commitment to ABT was due too early and the other 2 were way to costly wthout scholarships or financial aid.

I also work 2 jobs. Because I commute to dance class 47 miles each way and classes start at 5PM I need to be off work by 3:00.

I work as much as I can at both jobs.I save my checks from job number 2 to use for dance related expenses. I had almost the entire amount saved for dau #2 to go this summer and then my Husband ruptured a disc in his back right before Xmas and was off work for 5 weeks with no pay. During the same time period my transmission went out on my "Big Red", my van. I had to dip into my pile of uncashed checks to cover living expenses!

I also save all my vacation hours I earn, usually about 80 and then cash them out in the spring.But this year again, I had to use them up early to cover living expenses for our family.

Some other things I do to earn money, since I commute a distance and I am usually waiting around for several hours, I mystery shop. I shop for several major banks,Lowes, Target, K-mart and food establishemnts.I evaluate customer service and the such. The money is by no way big, but I can earn 10-50 dollars while I am waiting for her to finishh class.

You should also check out the information I post on a thread down below regarding scholarships. The Tiger Woods and Target Foundation have a great scholarship program! They give 100 thousand dollars away 3 times a year for completeing their program. The money can be used for anything your child has a passion for, including dance related things. You can also pick up the new applications at your local Target store.

Good luck!

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The way we do it is that vacations are far and few between unless the grandparents wish to subsidize the trip with help with airfare/hotel etc or they can come and visit us! We live, 4 kids, 2 adults and a cat in a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC. Thank goodness we do live in the mass transit heavy NYC because we don't have the expense of a car! We don't go out often to movies or the ballet or plays. We wait for the DVD to come out unless its a blockbuster like Lord of the Rings or a kids movie we can do as a family. And then it's called debt, debt and more debt. But, we do it for the kids...to give them the ability to pursue their dreams and abilities. That makes me smile! My oldest daughter just got her black belt in tae kwon do and that made it all worth it and was a proud parent moment! :)

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I cannot imagine more than one kid in a summer intensive!!Oye!We just make other sacrifices,sweat over it alot,and then just sigh.and go for it.I also have another child who needs to go to camp and get tutored for her special learning needs,and do the harp lessons,etc.We just limit the kids activities to one or two things they are best at! It's not always easy, for sure!!:eek:

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Guest Momof3

Many thanks for all those who replied to my post! It is encouraging to hear that we are not alone.


Like many of the other parents, my husband and I agreed to encourage and promote our children's interests and do agree that they have benefited. The frustration comes when we see such a disparity in advantages for the future in one activity over another.


My one daughter who is in a competitve sport has received scholarships and repeatedlly been told that when the time comes for her to go pro, sponsors will be waiting. Even if she decides to stay with the managerial end, she will always have a viable income. I wish the same could be said for ballet. The lack of endowments and support for the arts is appalling. The more I inquire from professionals the more I hear that there are less companies and limited funds and consequently limited futures for dancers. Naturally this feedback occasionally creates mixed feelings about the time and energy involved in this activity.


Yet, my other two daughters have a real joy for dance, which is one reason why we continue to support this activity. We have come to look at summer programs as healthy, and educational experiences for our kids. When I overhear one daughter telling her friends about a class or a pointe shoe signed by a famous ballerina, I feel justified with the sacrafices.


My only wish is that the arts could be funded better, so that families do not have to go broke to support it. Ballet is a beautiful art form with the most amazing athletes I have ever seen and deserves much more than it currently receives.

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Not much different to add--old cars, old clothes--old everything! Charging everything to a credit card that gives us frequent flyer miles and then visiting friends and family on vacation so we don't need hotel rooms is another way to go!


Now that my daughter is 18, we have reached the end of the tunnel, and we definitely found a bright light there! Our dancer received substantial scholarship assistance for next fall (from a dance BFA program) that was worth more than we had paid for all of those yearly fees and summer intensive tuitions combined. Also, one of last year's graduates from our studio received an even more substantial scholarship from Smith. So hang in there, and consider your payments as an investment that will hopefully bear fruit in the future.

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Oh, BAM, that's the kind of story I love to hear, as I feel that all this moola flowing out the door is essentially the equivalent of paying college tuition. Either instead of, or with hope that it will translate (the dance) into college scholarship offers. (That's what I tell my husband anyway, while he watches my write the checks!)

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