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Children's Division at Joffrey is just fine. The atmosphere there is still a lot like a neighborhood ballet school, and it's a very welcoming and friendly place. The Basics are well taught there. You could do a lot worse.

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The process is pretty much show up, tell how much training you've had, and you'll be placed in a class to determine exactly where you belong. The class serves as the audition.

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I've taken adult classes from faculty member Elie Lazar and he is a wonderful teacher who gives personal corrections and emphasizes both strong basic technique and musicality. He choreographs for the student ensemble. At the school I noticed not all the students had perfect ballet bodies, but I don't know what level they were in and I tend to view that as healthy.

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If this is something that is Not Talked About In Public, perhaps those in the know would be willing to PM me with information. :)


Are there any SI's that offer a chance at need-based financial aid? I've looked over the list of SI's in the forum and hopped onto many websites. Some mention merit-based aid only. Others mention a combination of merit-based and need-based aid. Others don't say much at all. The ones with any mention of financial aid at all say "On a very limited basis," which is perfectly understandable.


While my daughter skipped last year's audition season due to performance commitments, she was accepted to "name" SI's both at 10 and 11. The programs did not scholarship girls that young, period, and we did not have the means to send her away.


I know these things become more important in the teen years. A long time ago a teacher tried to explain dance to me in terms of the haves and the have-nots. I choose to have-very-little so DD can continue studying dance.


Ballet Mag offers need-based scholarships. The application process includes essays and a pastoral recommendation as well as income information.


I'd like to know about other programs that might take income into consideration somewhere in the process. I've picked up hints here and there - check boxes on audition forms, the chance to send in financial aid applications upon acceptance.


I read about the Target/Tiger Woods Foundation scholarships on another thread. I intend to talk to DD's school officials about the program as I'm sure more than a few students would be interested. We have plenty of promising student athletes, musicians, all kinds of "achievers" who would gladly go through the program, but

it's not something that will be available this academic year.


DD has attended a prepro school for several years (after a couple years of many hours/week Dinkling, but her ballet was always clean and she caught up within a few months.) Her technique is very strong and she is confident of at least a few acceptances. We have been told she has lots of potential, but at this point in time she is not a phenom. She knows several older girls who are amazing dancers...who have never received scholarships to anywhere.


DD plans to audition for the summer programs that interest her, do her best (of course!) and hope for the best because, to quote The Little Prince, "One Never Knows."


I completely understand that SIs have a huge talent pool from which to draw (especially girls!) and a very limited amount of financial aid available.


But I know I can't be the only one wondering about need-based financial aid now that audition season is nearly upon us.


Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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I know of kids who were accepted to 'name' programs without merit scholarships and then their parents immediately contacted the program and applied for need based scholarships. They got them. In some cases, it was not enough to meet the need, in others, it was. You have nothing to lose by asking and applying. The information may not be on the websites but it is available once the kids are accepted. I believe one of the forms is the same one used by colleges for determining financial aid...maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong, is it the FAFSA form? :)

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It depends on the program. Of the "Name" programs:


San Francisco offers financial aid. There is an application that requires copies of your tax documents and an explanation of your situation. I'll be honest. Only about half of the applicants get aid and then only if Gloria Govrin approves it.


ABT does not give out any financial aid. Period. They don't give out that many merit scholarships either. Last year they told a student I worked with closely to "have a bake sale". Insensitive considering they are one of the MOST EXPENSIVE programs.


I think PNB and SAB give out some financial aid or at least they used to. I don't know their policies now.


I have no idea about Houston now that management of the school and company has changed.

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I had a quick question about need based scholarships: I am attending two summer programs this summer, though they are both far away from where I live, which also makes transportation costly. My mom has written to atleast one of the schools asking for literally anything, and has said that she would be willing to do anything for the school in return for me being able to attend the program (this includes administrative work, being an RA if applicable, and much more-anything they need help with)! It seems as though the school only gives out merit based scholarships, though with each program being $3000 with room and board (and unfortunatly not being able to contact other girls in the programs to split rent off campus, which means it will be close to or about 3000) we do not know what to do! Does anyone have advice or past experience with this?

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Just noticed that no one replied to you yet, and though I have no experience with this, I do have some advice. You or your mom should call each program and explain the situation. Writing is too time consuming. There may be an application that they can send you so that you can apply for financial aid. However, if the program does not have financial aid, then quite possibly there is nothing that they can do for you. You may have to do some fund raising on your own. All of these programs are very expensive. You may have to choose one program over the other, that is quite understandable as most of us have financial limitations. It is best for parents to discuss some of these limitations before acceptance to the programs.


As for travel expenses, there are some great credit cards out there that give dollar for dollar frequent flier miles. We save them all year just for this reason. We plan ahead each year for dance related expenses...knowing that they occur on a fairly regular basis. If you plan to attend a SI each summer, this is something that you probably need to do. Good luck to you!

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:grinning: My first question would be, is it absolutely necessary that you do both programs this summer? Is the second program in August, are you older and do you think you need to keep dancing at that time? Is there somewhere closer to home for the 2nd session? Two programs are very costly without any financial aid.


If the schools are not able to help you, then I would suggest you start a letter writing campaign to local companies/businesses, or community organizations. Maybe you will be able to get some type of scholarship money from them. The sooner you start this process the better! Good luck.

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I have a lot of questions about financial aid application process. I have two dancers applying to Houston and CPYB.


The Houston SI brochure says "Financial aid is available for students in financial need. Students may apply for aid by requesting a financial aid application from the Academy office and submitting it no later than April 1, 2006."


However, the confirmation letter I received says "due to the volume of calls received, please do not call the Academy Office in regards to Summer Program details as your call will not be returned." It also says "Please expect to receive more information regarding the Summer Program and housing in the mail shortly."


Since it is my first time to go through SI application process, I am not sure if I should call now or wait until I receive the information packet. Does the information packet usually contain financial aid information? Or should I call them as soon as possible or I would miss the chance to get financial aid?


If financial aid is not granted and if I am not able to afford, I thought I would lose the deposit. However, when I looked at CPYB's webpage, it says "The non-refundable $300 deposit is required of all applicants to reserve their places in the Summer Ballet Program. However, the deposit will be returned to those students who apply for financial aid and are turned down or do not receive sufficient aid enabling them to attend only if they notify CPYB in writing on or before May 1, 2006 that they are unable to attend the 2006 summer session because of financial reasons."


Does each program have different policy for deposit refund or is financial difficulty usually exception from the non-refund policy?


Is criteria for "needs" based on the state low/medium income the applicant lives or the SI location? Is there any cut off amount of household income? If I have two dancers attending the same SI together, would the chance of getting financial aid be higher?


If anybody advice or share your experience, I would really appreciate.

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I am a teacher, not a parent of a student therefore my experience with finacial aid may differ from others who may post. Each school has their own policies regarding financial aid and the refunding of deposits. I would suggest that you write a letter or email each school immediately with your questions. If Houston says do not call, then do not call. They must have been overwhelmed with applicants and phone calls in the past making it policy not to conduct SI business by phone. Does your DC's teacher have any connection to Houston? Sometimes teachers are able to get through if they know a particular school or have a successful history with the school.

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Thank you very much for the quick response. I do not know why I did not think about writing to the schools instead of calling them. I probably have been too excited and concerned about this totally new experience with my children. Now I know mom has to calm down.

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