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Hi, lalalalEY. We've got very limited experience with Houston's financial aid policies but hopefully this will help. My daughter was offered a merit scholarship for her tuition and we were told that, "if it was an issue" to pay for the room and board, then to let them know. I took that to mean, "Tell us if it's an issue and we'll go from there." I think with many programs you have to take the initiative to find out about need-based financial aid because they probably don't have a ton to give away. In fact with many it seems to be a very informal discussion process, begun by the parents. There may be a form to fill out somewhere in the process, but they often don't advertise it.

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To lalalaEY -

We've applied to CPYB for a summer scholarship. They say the award is based on both the student's potential and financial need. We had to submit a Federal income tax return for the previous year, and fill out a short application. You can print the summer financial aid application right off the CPYB website. It is nice that they allow you to get your deposit back if the amount awarded isn't sufficient. I think very few summer intensives are willing to do that. If your DK happens to receive a scholarship, he/she is given a simple weekly chore to do during the summer program. HTH

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2marzipans and chauffeur,


Thank you for the info. Now I know I cannot be just sitting here and waiting. I filled in the CPYB form and completing the tax return copy. I will try to do as much as I can to get the financial aids for my DKs.

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i go to the Joffrey NYC and love it.


Auditions are not tough, infact there is only a placement class. You come in and a teacher evaluates what level you should be in.


I really love going to the Joffrey. My teacher is amazing and makes class fun but challenging. Im a late starter, but they made me feel welcomed and give me then attention I need.


hope that helps.


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I have a good friend of my DD who will be going ot the Joffey Trainee program this fall. Does anyone have ideas on places she can look for housing? She does have a call inot JNY but I think they are very busy right now with the end of the summer DI. I have some ideas for her and some calls in but any help is appreciated! She is 19 YO and need affordable but safe housing.

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My dd got the trainee packet and there were housing options in it. If you haven't received the packet, I would give them a call.

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Yep that's what I meant! I really need to type slower and use spell check all the time. My spelling is horrible plus I do not always look back over things. Thanks.

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Guest karenwc

What is the Joffrey School particularly known for? My dd is currently in another pre-professional program, which is heavily classical, but just got accepted into Joffrey's Trainee program, and we are trying to weigh the pros and cons of each. Joffrey seems to have a more contemporary focus, is that correct? Does anyone here have high school students in the trainee program? Is it more difficult for them, in terms of having time for their academics? Is there much benefit in entering the trainee program as a high school student, vs. waiting until graduating high school?

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Hi, tutu123 -


The Joffrey Ballet School website mentions a Junior Trainee program for students aged 14 - 17 years old. The housing issue for your age would be difficult, I would imagine, unless you will have a family member moving to NYC with you. Call the school - they are always more than willing to answer questions.

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I'm hoping someone will be able to update on the current "graduates" (if any) in this program and what their plans are for next year. If they have company positions, please let us know if those are trainee, apprentice, corp and then male/female. This information helps others track the true success of the program from year to year.

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I was wondering if anyone had any current info on the school? Also, is this correct: the Junior Trainee program is ages 8+ and requires a placement class, and the Trainee program is ages 14 and up and requires an audition? I confused myself a bit. I gues the word "Trainee" throws me off- it makes me think of someone who has already graduated from high school, but the website says that students are accepted ages 14 and up. I wish the schedule for the Trainee program was posted...

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I do believe most of the students are high school graduate because of the schedule time of classes. So if the students is younger and advance dancer working towards a career in ballet. High School, would have to be home school or special arrangements. The best thing is to call.

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Some students are accepted at 13/14...My dd was accpeted from her SI audition and turned 14 in the spring. I do believe you need to homeschool or take HS classes online though, because the schedule includes classes during the day.

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