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If the program is 4 years, are levels separated by ability or by year (year 1,2,3 and 4?) If I will be a high school senior, will I go in started as a "first year" or is it based on ability?

How is time for academics? I want to continue taking a few AP classes. The website said I can, but I didn't know if this was realistic.

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Any recent experience with residential trainee programs for either Ballet or J&C at this school? How about the HS offerings? Thanks in advance.

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I am currently a ballet trainee, residing in the dorms and taking high school classes through the Keystone blended program that Joffrey offers. I can answer any questions!



It is based on the # of years you have attended, but if you are above the level of your classmates then you'll be moved up to year 2. There are two groups of year 1s, 1 group is older and another is younger. So, you will be with people in your age group either way. There is not a ton of time for academics, but I am doing high school full time and would argue that it is manageable.

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My daughter just got an offer for the trainee program in J&C, which is what she wants to do. I have asked the school to provide with the academic choices but I would love to hear your experience with the support offered as a High School Student. Also, it is the focus to prepare you for college admission or for professional work. I am hoping she goes the college route. Thanks.

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I am far from an insider to Joffrey NYC, but if one reads the website, there is not one faculty member who has either trained in Russia nor a Russian satelite country nor anyone of Russian decent on the faculty. Might anyone have insight to this article?

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Ms. Schneider - There are some faculty members from Russia in the trainee program, which I think this article is about. https://www.joffreyballetschool.com/programs/trainee-programs/- the youth ballet program doesn't appear to have any Russian faculty members (the website is a bit of a maze, I had to poke around a bit to find the Russian-born faculty). I don't have any insight into the article nor any personal experience with Joffrey Ballet School but it does appear to be a rather scathing review of the current state of affairs. Piggybacking on the previous article posted in this thread I wonder how much longer the ballet school will be able to stay open.

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There two faculty members who were trained at Perm have been there for years, as far as I know. Dd attended for 2 weeks 7 years ago and had both of those teachers as did others we know several years before her.


Looking around the website, they have expanded greatly. There's a new facility in Long Island City (Queens) and they have a year round program in Texas now too. The summer programs are so huge and so expansive in size and number that I suspect they make most of their money in the summer.


I was left wondering if someone owns the school itself. I was curious and did a brief search to see if the school is still a nonprofit. The Joffrey Ballet Concert Group came up but nothing else related to the school in NYC.

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You are all navigating better than. I found one Russian, but no bio. I will just leave it at that. Thank you.

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After reading the comments on the article, it seems as if this article is reporting on things that we temporary or were embellished a bit? I have no personal experience with JBS (except for a summer intensive our dd attended), but I wouldn't blindly believe ALL that was written.

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Anyone have first hand recent knowledge of what is going on there? We know a 19 yr old young woman who was offered full scholarship trainee.  I've not heard good things so cautioned her.  But if things are changing for the better I'd like to know.

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This is what they have on the Joffrey.org (Joffrey Chicago) site:

Joffrey Academy of Dance, Official School of The Joffrey Ballet, is the only training program owned, operated or endorsed by The Joffrey Ballet. The Joffrey Ballet is not affiliated with any other dance training or school program, including the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. The Joffrey Academy, located in the Exelon Education Center at Joffrey Tower in Chicago, Illinois is the only school that follows the organizational mission, training syllabi, and artistic vision of The Joffrey Ballet. No other program, including those holding the Joffrey name, is sanctioned by The Joffrey Ballet. For more information, please contact Academy Reception at 312.784.4600.

So...If students are offered "trainee" positions.  I ask trainees for what? At least at the Chicago location they are affiliated with the actual Joffrey Ballet Company.
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Indeed jwolfenden. .  . For what company is the "trainee" being groomed?  The answer: Any one that will hire them.  Thus the term "trainee" is merely semantics in this case, to suggest a more serious program that will result in a contract BUT there's no company. It's training. 


You could be  a "student" in the top level of a school and be getting the same thing.

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