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We have tried to explain for quite a while that not all "trainee" program are with companies.  The definition of "trainee" is very fluid in terms of programs.  That is exactly why we began these sub-Forums so that folks could research and share the exact nature of the various programs.

There is a lot of information in these forums, so as folks reach these levels, just spend some time researching and fleshing out which programs are which. :D


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No, not at all and they have not been connect for at least 12 years or more.

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They are not affiliated. From Joffrey Chicago website:

What is the difference between Joffrey Academy of Dance in Chicago and Joffrey School in New York?


Joffrey Academy of Dance, Official School of The Joffrey Ballet, is the only training program owned, operated or endorsed by The Joffrey Ballet. The Joffrey Ballet is not affiliated with any other dance training or school program, including the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. The Joffrey Academy, located in the Exelon Education Center at Joffrey Tower in Chicago, Illinois is the only school that follows the organizational mission, training syllabi, and artistic vision of The Joffrey Ballet. No other program, including those holding the Joffrey name, is sanctioned by The Joffrey Ballet. For more information, please contact Academy Reception at 312.784.4600.

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Wow, thanks for a prompt response. I keep hearing different things so I wanted to clear that up.

Is the school in NYC reputable then? Where do their graduates go? What training curriculum is being used?

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My DD has not done a Joffrey NY (or any of the satellite site) summer course, so I can't give first hand information on the quality of their program(s).  DD auditioned a few years ago and was accepted to several of the locations, but decided to go elsewhere.  We've not known anyone who has auditioned and NOT been accepted to at least a few of their offerings.  

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When my dd auditioned several years ago, we were actually told by an staff member at Joffrey (who was answering questions for parents and gave a little talk) that our dancers would be accepted to at least one program. She said the audition was for placement. 

As far as the year round, dd also received an acceptance to the year round program, so we did investigate a bit at that time. It is a legitimate school with teachers. It does not seem competitive to be accepted to the year round program,  similar to their summer program (as dd was accepted to the "trainee" program as a 12 or 13 year old based on a single summer intensive audition). Some of the students do go on to professional careers. Some go on to programs elsewhere. I have no idea on those numbers though dd has known people who danced there for a period of time.  One of dd's friends who spent a year in the "trainee" program did go on to the Joffrey program year round in Chicago (as a student). <As an aside and to emphasize this again, the only relationship is that they are named for the same person>

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Just wondering what everyone opinions on Joffrey Trainee NYC. I'm considering it for next year, but i have some questions. Do they offer lots of financial aid and scholarships? How prestigious is it and is it worth looking into? When do you do school work? On instagram i have seen some incredible dancers in their trainee program, but then some other that are not as technically up to par with their age. Any info from parents of trainees or trainees themselves would be very much appreciated!

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On 3/24/2017 at 12:25 PM, lakemom said:

After reading the comments on the article, it seems as if this article is reporting on things that we temporary or were embellished a bit? I have no personal experience with JBS (except for a summer intensive our dd attended), but I wouldn't blindly believe ALL that was written.

My experience has been that when American students first encounter Russian teachers they feel they are overly harsh and critical.  Of course, there is a line between being harsh and being a bully and that needs to be understood.  When I read the article it seems that it was more of a cultural shift - I don't see any examples of bullying mentioned. 

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I'm looking for any recent information regarding the Joffrey NYC Ballet program/BFA with NJCU.  My daughter was accepted into their trainee program/BFA.  We will be doing a virtual info session, but was wondering if anyone has insite into the program and how it is run?  Do you feel they prepare their students for a professional career?  

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