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About to begin ballet again, worried about level

Guest plain-dancer

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Guest plain-dancer

Wow! :D


I hope I wasn't in the way. I was tranfixed. :blushing:


It turns out I picked a very silly time to do work study. For some reason all the studios seem to have their abject-beginner classes on Thursday. :D I will think about signing up for the CCAE class -- from your description it sounds very perfect.


Have you taken classes at Green Street? That's where the floor-barre is. I was told there is going to be a class taught by an ex Boston principal dancer (I'm ashamed that I don't remember her name) on Thursday mornings starting in October. I expect it'll be beyond my level but it sounds amazing.


Have you tried any of Anna Myers classes at the Dance Complex?


Thanks so much for that kind and detailed message. I can't wait to get back into a studio. This morning I actually thought "stupid labour day" because there are no classes. :P

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No, I've never been to Green street studio, but I heard their intermediate/advanced class is absolutely wonderful. I've never taken floor barre, either. Personally I believe, along with many other people, the best way to improve your ballet is to take as many 'ballet' classes as possible. Also, I love moving across the floor. I don't know much about floor barre, but lying on the floor and just working on the muscles sounds a little boring to me. :pinch: But tell me if you have any good experiences in those classes.


I've never taken Anna Myers' classes, but I've watched them many times, because her class is usually the one before Liz Lapuh's class. She looks like a very good teacher, very energetic, hard-working, etc. Her beginner's class doesn't use music (at least the center part, don't know about the bar part), but use castanets for counting the rhythm - not as much fun from my point of view, because as I said, music is a big part for me in the ballet class. But there are usually a lot of people in her beginner class, so I guess it must be quite good. Why don't you just try? You might find it good too! :)

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Guest plain-dancer

I have to say I really, really enjoyed Marcus Schulkind's floor barre at Green Street. I didn't find it boring - it was very challenging and required great focus, but of course I'm a beginner. There's also no music, just Marcus sliding around the room grabbing feet and saying "very pretty! Okay, send it to the floor! Straighter! Oh, just lovely! Take a deep, beeee-yoooou--teee-ful breath!" :)


I'm very annoyed because I have to work early tomorrow morning and can't do the Weds. class. Grr!


I'm sure I'll be making the rounds of all the classes. This is shaping up to be a frustrating week for ballet. Couldn't try a Fresh Pond Monday class because of labour day. Can't try Anna Myer's tonight because of an unannounced houseguest. Can't do floor barre tomorrow (sniffle) and then I have workstudy on Thursday! Boo! Hiss! Grr!


Next week, though, Introduction to Ballet II at Ballet Theatre starts on Tuesday nights. So, I think it will be a better week.


I wish I could get my boyfriend to come to class with me, but he's a busy boy himself and anyway, it just doesn't appeal to him, even though he's not a macho type. Pity - he's so tall and handsome! So far he's really supportive but I don't think he has any idea that I am already plotting how to take a class almost every day in the nearish future! :blushing:

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Hi there-

I have a question along the same lines... so I didn't want to intrude on your post, but also didn't feel the need to start a whole new one!


Looking for *real* adult ballet classes that start for adult beginners and offer the option to move fast.



I'm 26 and I live in Raleigh, NC. I compete & perform in social dances- mostly American Ballroom, Latin, Shag & West Coast Swing.


I'm looking for an adult ballet class that will help me really *learn* ballet and proper technique, but I am not interested in ballet as a profession, so the Pre-Professional and 'Senior' Company classes are probably too advanced.


Like you Plain-dancer - I did ballet when I was younger and now I frequently use the NY City Ballet Workout 2 and some of Finis Jhoung's DVDs as exercise & warm-up. Some of the adult classes I've seen are really meant more as an exercise program, and have less to do with pushing and proper technique...


Any suggestions? I'm looking for something in Cary, Apex or Raleigh - North Carolina?




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Guest plain-dancer

Hi, JJ


I never actually danced with them (just one class, and then I was prevented by transportation issues) but I loved my taste of the Cary Ballet Conservatory. Their adult schedule is not very extensive, but the facilities are beautiful and the school seemed really well run (this was about 2 years ago.)


This is their website: Cary Ballet


And this is the schedule of classes that you could probably attend:


Mon 8:00-9:00 pm "Adult Ballet"


Tues 5:15-6:15pm "Open Ballet A (ages 9 - 99) "

7:45-9:00pm "Open Ballet B (ages 9 - 99) "


Thurs 7:30 – 8:45 "Adult Ballet"


There also seem to be some adult jazz classes going on. From what I know now I wish these adult classes were a bit longer, but I think this is at least a good starting point. The school is very well respected in the area.


I had just turned 20 when I talked to them and they seemed open to the idea of my going through the kid's classes, as an option. But this was a while ago, as I said.



Good luck, and welcome to the board!


(I have my first class tonight of the "intro to ballet" course I'm taking! Eeek!)

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Guest Dancing Duranie

:wacko: My legs, tush, and abs are so sore the next day after class I can barely move. Then there was the time two weeks ago when we did so many releves in our Tuesday night class that I literally had knots in my calves on Wednesday and could barely walk. By Thursday I was walking okay and got to class and could barely do a plie because I'd spent all my time on whining about my calves and didn't even notice how sore my thighs and quads were! Everybody kept telling me to skip the Thursday night class but I forced myself to go. We did releves that night too and I was told by my teachers that I could sit them out but I made myself do them. I wasn't as high in my releve and had to wooooooooooork to get up, but on Friday I was glad I went...........as the knots and all the soreness were going away.


Lesson learned: it's better to go when you are sore than to give in and skip and think that you will do more harm. I learned from that one experience that there was nothing better that I could have done than went to class. All of the stretching and stuff helped work that soreness out. Plus when I got home Thursday night I took a bath in Epsom salts and even though it hurt SO bad I massaged my entire legs after they started relaxing a little in the warm water. I was also wearing Eau de Ben Gay for about four days but I've been fine ever since then.


Isn't it strange though how you walk out of class and feel wonderful, then about lunchtime the next day when you drop something at work you can barely squat down to pick it up? :)

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Dancing Duranie,

I totally went through that- my quads were so sore for days! Walking down stairs was torturous. I too found that stretching and massage was the best- plus warm baths and my gym's hot tub. And lovely advice here all about great sore muscle remedies. :D


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