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I have a problem now...: My left foot is hurting at the training so much that I can´t strech it. I can´t go on demi-pointe or pointe. But I can´t say something to my teacher.because I know she would say: "Please don´t train now, my Darling". What can I do??? :blushing: We have a orthopaedist at school, but if I go there he will say: "You must pause a week..."

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Guest cheeriodancer10

I know when I was injured I didn't want to take a break for my body to heal, it just seems like there's too much to do! :blushing: But I've always been told that it's best to let it heal so you don't have problems later.

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dancecow, you must speak with an adult immediately regarding your foot. Of course you must go to a doctor. There is no other responsible advice to give.

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Yes, indeed, dancecow! Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :blushing:


And the students, and Ms. Schneider are entirely correct. When you have an injury, and try to work through it, most often the harder and harder you work, the worse and worse the dancing becomes. This is called "The Law of Diminishing Returns" and when you try to work with an injury, this "Law" is in full force! And now, Geh' gleich zum Arzt! Schnell!

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cow du bist doch in einer professionellen Ballettschule, wenn du bei Neumeier bist. Sei doch froh darüber, daß du deswegen so einfachen Zugang zu guten Physiotherapeuten und tanzspezifischen Sportmedizinern hast- das hat nicht jeder. Wenn du Schmerzen hast, mußt du (wie Mr. Johnson so schön gesagt hat) sofort zum Arzt und notfalls mit dem Tanzen pausieren- wie lange, hängt von der Schwere der Verletzung ab. Wenn du das nicht machst und trotz Verletzung weitertanzt, können sich im schlimmsten Fall bleibende Schäden an deinem Gelenk oder an deiner Muskulatur bilden- das wirst du niemals los und wenns ganz dick kommt, dann wirst du deine Ballettkarriere ganz vergessen können. (z.B. wenn dein Knöchelgelenk steif wird etc)

Laß das unbedingt nachprüfen! Geh zum Arzt! Und trainiere nicht eher weiter, bevor die Verletzung nicht vollständig abgeheilt ist- Verletzungen der Beine und Füße sind ein ganz ernstes Thema für uns Tänzer und sollten niemals leicht genommen werden- je mehr Zeit du dir für das Ausheilen nimmst, desto eher bist du wieder voll fit und desto weniger bleibende Schäden riskierst du!


mods: basically told her the same thing- she should see a doctor asap- preferrably the one at her ballet school- and pause with training if necessary to prevent further injuries and stop risking permanent damage which will affect her dancing career in a negative way.

Injuries of the feet and legs are a very serious thing for dancers which never should be taken lightly.

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Right! :sweating:


We encourage English, as that is the language of most of the posters, but dancecow has stated in another post that English is slightly difficult for her, so the translation service is gratefully accepted. :wub:

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We are glad to hear you will go to the doctor on Monday. Please do let us know the outcome. We are wishing you well. :angry:

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