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balletboyrhys, You do a great service by sharing your experience here. It's very helpful to see from an insider's view (although not always pretty). I'm sure the next experience will be a much better one!

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Tutumaker, can you elaborate on your statement above? I'm not sure what inference I should be getting from it. On pretty much all dance related applications, be they SI forms or college application forms for dance majors, there is a request for the applicant's height and weight.


Did University of Utah actually do a visual weigh-in and actual height measurement or did they just ask the information and it was supplied by the dance candidate?

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I apologize for not being more clear!


Each dancer was taken aside and physically measured for height and weight by a University of Utah representative.

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Can anybody comment on this... This Ballet Utah Company that has been mentioned, how do you get a place in it? Is it determined at the audition itself and when/how are you notified? It appears this program definitely has 2 levels, those in and those out of the company. I have heard different reports of student satisfaction depending on whether you make Utah Ballet or not. Are you told of your acceptance into the company before you go?


What was the level of dancing like at Saturday's audition? Was it truely just advanced dancers or a mixed bag of levels? How long before people are notified? Thanks for any feedback.




Is weighing students legal in this day and age? I've not heard of it in any audition.

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Wow - actually taken aside and measured for height and weight! Yikes :wub: This never happened for my DD at any of the University or company auditions she has attended. I'm hoping that this is an unusual situation?! Can't most ADs or Dept. Chairs tell just by eye-balling the dancer if he/she has the look/build/body type they have in mind?

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Actually technically there are 5 levels including Utah Ballet. If you're ranking it I guess Utah Ballet is the highest level. Typically freshman are not invited to join the company, but if they are they will be notified when they get their acceptance letter. I dont know if this has happened much but it is conceivable for a freshman to be placed in UB during the year but typically it would happen before the semester starts. Hope this helped/

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I was accepted into the University Ballet Department but I won't have a chance to go and visit (i did a video audition) can anybody tell me what the classes are like? What style? (vaganova? balanchine?) Fast moving? Slow moving? Very difficult and challenging or more working on basics?

I am also a little confused--do freshman perform at all?


If anybody can help that would be great---Thanks so much!

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balletsoiree, Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers and congratulations on your acceptance to University of Utah's dance program.


I believe answers to quite a few of your questions can be found in earlier posts on this thread. Several posters have been quite candid in providing information and first hand experiences. Have you had an opportunity to review the entire thread? It isn't particularly long.


Hopefully, more posters may have additional information to share. But, at least, you will have some insights.

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Thank you for the welcome. I read through the thread a second time and realized that I had misread some information about the freshman performances. However, if anybody has any information about the previous question (what the classes are like) I would be very grateful.


Thanks again!

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Question for alumni:

Was there ever a BFA offered in Utah for Ballet Choreography and Instruction? (it looks like currently there is only an MFA option)

Also, what is a "Senior" BFA and was it ever offered by the Ballet dept?

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I have never been enrolled in the ballet program at the U but occasionally take technique and pas de deux classes there with the majors to stay in shape during layoffs. I’m surprised there hasn’t been talk about the changes in faculty next year. There will be two new faculty members for the 07/08 year. I’m not very well connected since I am not a student, so I don’t know if final decisions have been made. I assume they have since the summer is here. Are the any active students on the board that could comment?

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A previous poster mentioned Attila Ficzere. Attila is Hungarian, not Russian. I know Attila well. He was a very accomplished, dramatic performer. Lew Christensen (SFB) created his ballet "Don Juan" for Mr. Ficzere. Attila created the role of Mercutio in Michael Smuin's "Romeo and Juliet" (SFB), appearing in this role for Dance in America. He was fantastic! I certainly believe that he has a great deal to offer as a teacher/artistic director/professor of ballet. Is Conrad Ludlow the AD currently of Ballet Utah? He is a former principal dancer with New York City Ballet and San Francisco Ballet...

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