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Monday 1/15 is MLK Day and school holiday. Do you think decision will then be pushed to Tuesday? or do you think they will have it all ready the weekend before and available on Monday anyway???

My DD doing the Ballet audition at the end of this month.  I had to make the travel plan and buy the plane tickets.  I hope she does not get rejected academically!! that would be too funny.  Based on the admission statistics, my DD is well in the range but who knows.

Good luck and best wishes to everyone.

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I think the notifications go out by snail mail so I would not expect them ON 1/15.  I think thats just when they start going out.  Maybe they do post something on the students account but I'm not sure about that. 

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I hope they do something electronically too! Guess we'll find out next week.

I saw this on one of their admissions pages (note the word "by"):


Complete your application by: 

We will notify you by:  

November 1 (Honors Priority Application Date) January 15 (Honors will notify in February)
December 1 (Admissions Priority Date) January 15



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I went and emailed the admissions department. Decisions are sent via snail mail, and they hope to have them in the hands of all applicants by Wednesday the 17th.

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DD's portal was updated as of this morning (though no email or snail mail yet). You may want to check!

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Thank you Dancingjet - just checked and indeed portal updated.  And we got email yesterday from the Honor College - DD is waitlisted.  But no other email about admit status until I check the portal.


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Same here lizzy. Another month before ballet results come out as far as I know. 

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Hi everyone, we got the acceptance packette today.  There was no mention of any scholarship awarded.  I'm wondering if any of you had scholarship info included in the initial acceptance packette.

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Packet received here too.  No scholarship info, but there was something about future communications going to their University email once they set it up.

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DD received her acceptance. Says at the bottom  academic interest Pre modern dance bfa. Does that mean we are still waiting for the acceptance to the dance program?

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Got packet finally - same as all of yours - no scholarship info and said Pre-Ballet on bottom.

DD will audition in two weeks - may be the dance acceptance not until all audition have been done?

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